2013 MLB Draft: Open Thread

Ryan Eades of LSU - USA TODAY Sports

Televised coverage of the first two draft rounds begins very soon. As the big-league Cubs are off tonight, the draft is the place to be. Come join us as we discuss incoming talent.

For this feature, I've decided to post some details about potential draft picks for the second round. As the first pick will probably be Mark Appel, Jonathan Gray, or Kris Bryant (in that order), here are some potential choices for the Cubs with the 41st overall pick (their second-round choice).

There will be another post at 7:30 p.m. CT, which will probably be around the time the second round begins, so consider that a post for that round, or just a general overflow thread. Any comments regarding minor-league games tonight are welcomed here. Or in any draft posts all week-end long. I might be a bit busy to post anything on them.

Alex Balog, RHP, University of San Francisco

Balog has a fastball that touches 92-93 miles per hour, and has a usable slider and change-up. He would probably be in the upper range of what could be there at 41.

Aaron Blair, RHP, Marshall

Blair is a solid option for being on-the-board at 41. Blair has a low-90's fastball, and his change may be his best pitch. He was impressive in the Cape Cod League last summer. Like Jonathan Gray, Blair tested positive for Adderall pre-draft.

Nick Ciuffo, C, HS-South Carolina

Ciuffo is generally rated the second-best catcher in the draft. As such, he will probably be gone at 41. He has a South Carolina commitment, as appears to be solid on offense as well as defense.

Jonathan Denney, C, HS-Oklahoma

Generally considered the third-best catcher in the draft, Denney has a commitment to Arkansas. He is a solid defender who hits with power to all fields.

Ryan Eades, RHP, LSU

Eades will come off the board right around 41, and has big game experience. An SEC veteran, he will have been well-scouted by most teams, but that doesn't mean all will agree on him. The lower minors should be a formality for Eades, with the important tests being adjusting to Double-A and beyond.

Hunter Harvey, RHP, HS-North Carolina

As four young men with the first name Hunter populate the top 40 on some of the boards, I will note Harvey. He has a low/mid-90's fastball, a slider, curve, and a change-up, and is the son of former closer Bryan Harvey.

Matt Krook, LHP, HS-California

If you want a high-end lefty prep option at #41, you want Krook. An Oregon commit, Krook has been a bit up-and-down on boards this summer.

Sean Manaea, LHP, Indiana State

A wild-card in the draft, a hip injury knocked him out of his conference tournament start. He may drop like a stone to #41. He may be interested in returning for his senior campaign. High risk/high reward pick.

Bobby Wahl, RHP, University of Mississippi

Wahl has a low 90's fastball, and is a veteran of the SEC the last few years. He is another in the FB, slider, change types of options. Wahl will likelybe gone at 41.

Kevin Ziomek, LHP, Vanderbilt

After all is said and done, Ziomek ends the draft season about where he started. He is in range of being selected at #41 if Cubs pitching instructor Derek Johnson pushes for him hard enough. Conversely, if he is unavailable at 41, someone else probably slightly reached for him. Ziomek doean't figure to be an MLB star, but he will have the ability to have his chance.

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