observations of a cubs fan at sunday's giants game

took the daughter to her first mlb game ever. very exciting. i may be required to turn in my fan card, but the kid is 6 and is growing up here in the bay area, and she's watched both the giants world series wins. i just couldn't let her be a cubbies fan. it's just too cruel...

edit: holy mackeral. i don't know how this turned into 1000+ words at midnight... no one is going to read this, so here's an executive summary: AT&T park is lovely, first game for the kid, schierholtz plunking was whack, go cubs go!!

AT&T is a lovely park. we got to the stadium early, and as we walked around the field, more than a few ushers offered to take a family picture for us, unsolicited. Also, they let me know to head to guest services at the stadium and they printed out a free certificate for the kid to commemorate her first game. very nice.

another nicety i didn't expect - they have kids meals which is a juice, raisins, hot dog, toy, and a collectors bucket... $5. jaw droppingly affordable... until i ordered my beer and dog... haha!

as usual, there were a ton of cubs fans. didn't see many newer cubs jerseys (one starlin). instead i saw a lot more vintage ones - ryno, sutcliffe, santo. i did see two dempsters. the biggest congregation of cubs fans was at one of the hot dog stands IN THE STADIUM called: "Chicago Dog Cart". someone ought to let the PR dept know. no old style there though...

here's a link to a story that was pretty odd... bochy was pretty pissed at his team's defense (i think the team had 10 errors in the past week). so on sunday, he had the giants take infield INSTEAD of batting practice. did it work? well, no errors for the giants on sunday... just one run though!!

when the 9th inning i started a mini-chant - "we want romo! we want romo!!" haha!

in the 7th or 8th, there was cheering up in the upper upper nosebleed seats. i glanced in between pitches to see what was up. i was expecting a fight or something... turns out it was worse - the wave. as a good father, i forced the kid to stay seated. the giants fans around me grumbled and admitted to me their embarrassment. it was a sunday game, so a lot of random fans. the old timers i sat with were just awesome awesome fans. very lovely.

krukow is awesome (he's the color commentary guy for the giants broadcast team). i swear i still learn something everytime i watch the giants broadcasts. through the binocs, i observed him in the booth flipping a baseball during the game for several innings.

in the ninth, mijares (LHP) stayed in just to face nate the great. and he plunked schierholtz with the first pitch. for half a second i was annoyed that they would throw at nate after he's torn them up all year. i was reassured by the old timers near my seat that there was no way bochy or righetti would do that. also, it was just a one run game. i still think it's a little suspect, and i would not be surprised by some retaliation in spring training next year, intentional or not...

in the 6th after he K'd, starlin was having a hissy fit for quite some time in between innings - very embarrassing, albeit the strike zone was whacked today. starlin tossed his bat and helmet in and stalked out to SS (since he was the third out). it seemed like a long time before the rest of the cubbies bench came out to take the field. i was watching the dugout, trying to figure out who was going to bring his glove and hat. not valbuena, not lake. it was ddj, and that's kind of out of the way for the CF to bring a glove to a SS.

at one point, there was a routine ground ball out 4-3 (scutaro to belt). there was a huge cheer in the stadium, and i was cracking up because in my mind, it was a cheer by frustrated giants fans who were just happy to see an errorless, bobble-less play.

pedro strop throws some serious cheese. when he came in, it was just awesome seeing/hearing 96+ speed. and then when he threw the slider, it just was unfair. when hunter was hitting, i swear he was lifting his front foot before the ball even left strop's hand. pedro strop - cubs closer, 2014-2016?

when wellington "thurston howell III" castillo crushed his homer, the person who caught it, after much pleading, tossed it back. halfway through the next AB, there was a commotion in the bleachers, and i'm pretty sure what happened was that an usher came to eject the fan that tossed the ball back onto the field. how unamerican!! i cannot confirm this was what the usher came to do, but that's what i believe.

public transportation in the bay area is the crap. from where i live, it would be $18 round trip for just me. even if we drove to a closer train stop, it would still be $30 for two adults and two kids. parking in the closest lot to the stadium is just $35. and it's easy to exit (if you know which route to drive). just dumb dumb dumb.

on the luis muy bueno valbuena weird double play, no one around me understood what happened. i saw valbuena step on third, so naturally, i started screaming, "tag tag tag!!" andres torres stood on third trying to convince the ump he was safe at third and i almost lost my brain if the umps screwed that play up. sveum i'm sure would have had an anneurism.

it was funny hearing giants fans complaining so much about how much their team stinks - "how can this be the same team that won a WS last year?" "aren't these the same players as last year?" "we suck". after these comments, i would turn to them, hold my cap up, and ask, "would you rather be a cubs fan?" they always instantly felt better. i should be a psychologist...

i tried to start a "go cubs go!" song at the end of the game, but i was greeted with blank stares by other cubs fans. most likely because what i was "singing" was completely unrecognizable...

holy crap, i don't know where 1000+ words came from. just happy taking the kid to her first game, and a lovely sweep.

tl;dr. yeah cubs. love my kid. go cubs!

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