Cubs Announce Spring-Training Broadcast Schedule

Baseball is getting closer -- and more Cubs spring games than ever will be on TV this year.

One month from today, February 27, the Cubs will begin their 2014 spring-training schedule as they host the Arizona Diamondbacks. The good news for you is that you can follow along just about every day either on TV, WGN radio or on Overall, a Cubs game will be available every game day of the spring schedule via one or more broadcast mediums, and 33 of the 36 games will be brodacst in some form.

There will be 10 televised games -- by far the most of any spring season (four by WGN and six by Comcast SportsNet), an increase from the six televised last season.

For radio, there will be eight games on the WGN Cubs radio network and 23 via internet radio broadcast on

WGN-TV will broadcast Chicago’s first game from its new spring training home, Cubs Park, on Thursday, February 27 against Arizona. WGN Radio will have its first broadcast the next day on February 28 at the Angels that will feature the debut of new commentator Ron Coomer. Comcast SportsNet’s first game will be Sunday, March 16 vs. Cleveland. The complete schedule is below. As has been the case for the last couple of seasons, Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie will handle the internet broadcasts. All games are at 2:05 CST until March 9, when Daylight Saving time begins. Then all games are at 3:05 CDT. Exceptions are noted below.

Thursday, 2/27 vs. Diamondbacks: WGN-TV, 
Friday, 2/28 vs. Angels: WGN radio    
Saturday, 3/1 vs. Giants: 
Saturday, 3/1 vs. Diamondbacks (8:10):
Sunday, 3/2 vs. Royals: WGN radio 
Monday, 3/3 vs. Brewers: WGN radio   
Tuesday, 3/4 vs. Athletics:  
Wednesday, 3/5 vs. Rockies:   
Thursday, 3/6 vs. Indians:   
Friday, 3/7 vs. Indians: 
Saturday, 3/8 vs. Reds: 
Sunday, 3/9 vs. Brewers: 
Monday, 3/10 vs. Giants:  
Tuesday, 3/11 vs. Rockies:  
Wednesday, 3/12 vs. Mariners (9:05):   
Thursday, 3/13: off day    
Friday, 3/14 vs. Dodgers:   
Saturday, 3/15 vs. Royals: WGN radio
Saturday, 3/15 vs. Mets at Las Vegas: WGN-TV  
Sunday, 3/16 vs. Indians: CSN Chicago,  
Monday, 3/17 vs. Angels: CSN Chicago, 
Tuesday, 3/18 vs. Rangers (9:05): 
Wednesday, 3/19 vs. Rockies (8:40):  
Thursday, 3/20 vs. Mariners: CSN Chicago, 
Friday, 3/21 vs. White Sox:  
Saturday, 3/22 vs. Reds: WGN-TV, WGN radio
Sunday, 3/23 vs. Athletics: WGN-TV, 
Monday, 3/24 vs. Padres (9:05): WGN radio 
Tuesday, 3/25 vs. Angels: CSN Chicago, 
Wednesday, 3/26 vs. Diamondbacks:
Thursday, 3/27 vs. White Sox (2:05): WGN radio
Friday, 3/28 vs. D'backs (8:40, Chase Field): CSN Chicago, 
Saturday, 3/29 vs. D'backs (3:10, Chase Field): CSN Chicago, WGN radio

Some more games might become available on television at a later time through MLB Network or ESPN. I'll post those here if and when they become available.

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