15 Cubs Spring Games On MLB Network

There will be more TV of Cubs spring games in 2014 than ever before.

The Cubs are televising 10 spring games this year, more than in any previous spring. To recap, they are:

2/27 vs. Diamondbacks, WGN-TV
3/15 vs. Mets (Las Vegas), WGN-TV
3/16 vs. Indians, CSN Chicago
3/17 vs. Angels, CSN Chicago
3/20 vs. Mariners, CSN Chicago
3/22 vs. Reds, WGN-TV
3/23 vs. Athletics, WGN-TV
3/25 vs. Angels, CSN Chicago
3/28 vs. Diamondbacks, CSN Chicago
3/29 vs. Diamondbacks, CSN Chicago

In addition, two other games can be seen on Chicago TV against the White Sox with their announcers: 3/21 on CSN Chicago, 3/27 on WGN.

Thursday, MLB Network released its spring schedule and you can see 15 Cubs games on that channel, some live, some on delay (set your DVRs, because some of them are in the middle of the night). Here's the complete list (all times CT):

2/28, 3 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 2/27 Cubs/Diamondbacks
3/1, midnight: Rebroadcast of 2/28 Cubs/Angels *
3/3, 4 p.m.: Same-day rebroadcast of Cubs/Brewers *
3/8, 3 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/7 Cubs/Angels *
3/12, 9 p.m.: Cubs/Mariners LIVE *
3/14, 8 p.m.: Same-day rebroadcast of Cubs/Dodgers *
3/18, 9 p.m.: Cubs/Rangers LIVE *
3/19, 8:30 p.m.: Cubs/Rockies LIVE *
3/21, midnight: Rebroadcast of 3/20 Cubs/Mariners
3/21, 3 p.m.: Cubs/White Sox LIVE (also on WGN-TV)
3/23, 6 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/22 Cubs/Reds
3/24, 2 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/23 Cubs/Athletics
3/28, 6 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/27 Cubs/White Sox
3/29, 3 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/28 Cubs/Diamondbacks
3/30, 11 a.m.: Rebroadcast of 3/29 Cubs/Diamondbacks

* Only games marked with an asterisk are available in the Chicago market; the others are all available on local Chicago channels. All 15 games are available outside the Chicago market.

So that's three additional live games that you can't see on local Chicago TV, one more live game that you'll be able to watch if you get MLB Network but not WGN, and 11 other games on tape delay that you can either watch in the middle of the night, or DVR for later. Five of those 11 are already available live on Chicago TV, but the other six aren't.

Adding them all up, that's 10 live games with Len & JD on Chicago channels, two more live games against the White Sox with their announcers, three more live games on MLBN, and six taped games on MLBN that you can't see on Chicago-area TV, a total of 21 Cubs spring games on TV somewhere. All told, MLB Network is carrying over 200 games this spring with at least one live game every day from Feb. 26 through March 29.

Enjoy! The first of them is just one week away.

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