OT: All-Purpose NCAA Tourney Thread

Had enough of the March Madness that passes for a Cubs starting lineup these days in Spring Training games?


Well, have another (make mine a double), pull up a keyboard and let's talk about the original March Madness. This is the place where you can bitch and moan about no schools from the states of Illinois and Indiana even making it to the Big Dance - oh, how the mighty have fallen. Quit laughing, Ohio - your two top schools (OSU, Cincinnati) were eliminated before the ink was dry on my bracket sheet. Warren Buffett is the only one who should be laughing...

Anyway, things are kinda testy in some of the other threads, so maybe this one can be the lightning rod - come on over when you need to let off some steam. Like Bennett here...


I admit - it's not quite the same without schools like Kansas, Kentucky and Duke being so arrogantly smug and dominant at the same time, but I'm sure there's plenty other stuff to vent your spleen about. And then maybe the other threads will settle down a bit.

I'm a Buckeyes fan, so I'm already in a foul mood (get it? "foul"? Like who fouls somebody trying a 3 pointer when you've got the lead?) but I'll try to find something else to bitch about. Like what brainless idiots at the NCAA decided that today and tomorrow are Second Round games??? Whoever made that call is probably the academic career counselor for a certain Cubs marketing intern.

I'm sorry, but when a tournament has 68 teams, you do not have a "first round" involving only 8 teams, essentially handing out 60 "first round" byes. I mean, that would be as asinine as having 16 out of 21 teams make the post-season (ahh... the glory days of the NHL). Quit putting lipstick on the pig - they're play-in games, plain and simple. Go back to calling them that and quit insulting our intelligence.

And while we're on the topic, can someone explain again why #11 and #12 seeds were in these play-in games? If you're going to make someone play an extra game, shouldn't that burden fall on the worst seeded teams, i.e the bottom 8 teams? And shouldn't the four winners of those games, go against the #1 seeds? Isn't that the whole idea behind seeding - best vs worst?

Ohhh.... and don't get me started on this "Pod" crap they started a few years ago. Games played in Buffalo, NY are really in the South bracket? Spokane, WA is in the East? I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd say that Bud Selig's been moonlighting at the NCAA for awhile now. It's all starting to make sense now. BCS - Bud Clueless Selig.


And if all that wasn't enough.... WTF is up with those Old Spice commercials? "Smellcome to Manhood"??? What the hell kind of tagline is that?

Alright - I'm bitched out for now. Need to recharge for tomorrow. It's your turn. Have at it.

Oh... and congrats to Harvard and N. Dakota State. Yeah okay, you too, Dayton. You pissed me off earlier but good luck against Syracuse. Hey Boeheim - retire already, okay?

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