Movie Reviews

Movie Review: 'The Only Real Game'


You've never seen baseball quite like this before.

Movie Review: '100 Years Of Wrigley Field'


From MLB Productions, there's a new 85-minute-long love letter to the old ballyard at Clark & Addison in Chicago.

Movie Review: '42'


The fictionalized film version of Jackie Robinson's rise to the major leagues is a story you should see.

Movie Review: "Sugar"


Review of the feature film "Sugar".

Movie Review: "Star Trek"


What current Cubs are most like the characters from "Star Trek"?

Movie Review: WALL-E


Had enough CC for a little while? Yeah, me too. So last night, I went to see WALL-E, the latest Pixar/Disney collaboration. This is a perfect example of a movie whose trailer was poorly made;...

Movie Review: "U23D"


TEMPE, Arizona -- Mostly, I'm posting this review as practice. Practice? Yes, it's spring training, and this new platform is just as new to me as it is to you. I've had a little practice on a...

Movie Review: "I Am Legend"


Many of you may have seen Will Smith's new star vehicle already; in case you haven't, here's a quick review of this holiday-time action film. This is the third time that a film has been made based...

Movie Review: "Juno"


There is a gesture -- a physical gesture -- made not far from the end of "Juno", the only interaction in the entire film between two major characters, which is so tender, so sweet, and so...

Movie Review: "The Great Debaters"


Tired of reading about steroids and the Mitchell Report? Yeah, me too. So while we wait for the expected announcement later today of the Kosuke Fukudome press conference, I wanted to tell you about...


Movie Review: "Atonement"


This weekend, we await the Fukudome Decision, and in many parts of the country, the weather's going to be rotten. That makes this a good opportunity for me to say: Go see this movie! "Atonement" is...

Movie Review: "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead"


While we await the beginning of the Winter Meetings today, and perhaps some fruitful additions to the Cubs or trades, here's what I did last night... went to see "Before The Devil Knows You're...

Weekend Movie Reviews: "American Gangster" and "The Kite Runner"


It's a slow weekend, so I'm going to try this again, even though last time I reviewed a film you all flamed me. This time, I think your reaction will be different, because I saw two spectacular...

Movie Review: "Michael Clayton"


I wasn't going to post anything about this movie, which I saw on Friday night, but it's a sloooow Sunday -- apart from some rumormongering which you can discuss in this diary -- so I thought I'd go...

Movie Reviews: "Feast Of Love" and "Across The Universe"


The Cubs are home for the winter, and there was a three-day break between baseball games this week, so I figured it was time to catch up on the movie-watching I'd pretty much put aside for the...

Movie Review: "Eastern Promises"


Since the Cubs had the day off yesterday -- and apparently, I didn't miss much by missing most of the Brewers' 13-5 blowout of the Cardinals -- I decided to take in this new film, particularly...

Movie Review: "The Ten"


I needed, as I'm sure most of you did, some comic relief after the depressing ballgames of the last two days. So, with nearly two more days to go until the next game on Tuesday night against the...

Movie Review: "Fracture", and Saturday Game Recap


With yesterday's impressive 8-1 Cubs win over the Cardinals seemingly well in hand late in a summery Chicago afternoon, I decided to hie myself to a DGA-sponsored screening of the new Anthony...

Video Review: "Reel Baseball"


Now this is cool. "Reel Baseball" would be cool enough standing on its own merits -- it's a compilation of baseball-themed films, some short (as short as a minute), some long (two features, one 55...

Movie Review: "Chasing October"


Matt Liston is obsessed with the Cubs. Yeah, I know. I'm preaching to the choir. But none of us has done what he did -- quit his job in order to make a movie on how he, alone, was going to will the...

Movie Review: "Pan's Labyrinth"


Pan's Labyrinth won three Academy Awards -- but not Best Foreign Language Film, and how that could have happened is beyond me. This film is terrific, don't miss it. Basic setup: we begin by seeing...

Movie Review: "Breach"


Going all the way back to my old site in 2003, I've been posting occasional movie reviews during slow or slowish times, or sometimes even during the season. Thus, on this evening when we are only...

Movie Review: "Rocky Balboa"


It's hard for me to believe that thirty years have gone by since the first "Rocky" movie. I assume most of you have seen it. But I also know that a lot of you are too young to know the splash that...

Movie Review: "The Pursuit Of Happyness"


Stop what you're doing right now. Stop, drop everything, and go see this movie right this minute. Well, maybe not right this minute, because it's still early in the morning and the theaters aren't...

Movie Review: "We Are Marshall"


It is something that I imagine the friends and family members of every college and pro sports team worry about each and every time those teams travel: What if their plane crashes? This is exactly...

Movie Review: "The Departed"


With a Cubs manager in place and player acquisitions likely still days or weeks away, I thought I'd post a movie review, since I haven't done one of these in some time. "The Departed" is Martin...

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