Cub Tracks

Cub Tracks Being Cub Tracks


Well, guess what topic EVERY CUB BEAT WRITER wants to talk about? But Cub Tracks will press on with oh so many Manny articles, "Darwin"ism affecting playing time, the value of draft picks, and a...

Cub Tracks Remembers


This weekend, you will no doubt hear lots of stories of heroism and inspiration. I will stick to baseball here - that is why you come to BCB, right? But add my voice to the echoes that ask each of...

Cub Tracks Is Aghast


What the heck do you say about yesterday? Yeesh. Oh well. Head west, young men. For you dear readers, head inside and learn about Starlin's resurgence, modeling Derek Jeter, and what to do with a...

Cub Tracks Is Into Labels


Cub Tracks explores these questions about when you change a label. Plus: more draft discussion, how big a step back to take this summer, overhauling the outfield, time at the park, and a brewing...

Cub Tracks Learns To Be A Pugilist


In today's Cub Tracks: batters need to box, trade winds are blowing, weather is no excuse, draft boards are compiled, Beef gains a fan, and Darth Vader takes his cuts.

Cub Tracks Takes Solace In Struggles


Let's play a game of spot the silver lining among all the pitching injuries, playing the match-ups, the Money Badger under the Mendoza Line, and picking high in the draft. It's sort of a game of...

Cub Tracks Has Its Own Big Unit


Chris Bosio throws out a Hall of Fame level comparison. A lot of players are undergoing a trial-by-fire maturation process. So Cub Tracks looks at players maturing, Travis' tough losses, and the...

Cub Tracks Makes Its Pick


On NFL draft weekend, Cub Tracks has choices to make. So take your pick on stories that should go away, minor leaguers showing out, who should play more, and who the Cubs will pick in their draft....

Cub Tracks Is Surrounded By Shark


Everyone is going ga-ga for Jeff Samardzija's recent effort. So today's edition of Cub Tracks features a game of chicken, more Shark labels, contracts, trade talks, football skills, feuds, sticking...

Cub Tracks Compares Sox


When the Cubs and White Sox get together, everyone wants to draw comparisons. Who do you think has the leg up in the rebuild or the brighter future? Meanwhile, Anthony Rizzo has clout, Bruce is...

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