MLB News

MLB Bullets Is For The Birds


Manny Machado says he was just trying out for the Olympic bat throwing team. Kendrys Morales has found a home, and it's Minneapolis. Softball shouldn't be "baseball for girls." And Nori Aoki had a...

MLB Bullets Says Misery Loves Company


The Cubs no longer have the worst record in baseball and it feels so good. Our comrades in misery, the Astros, are also moving up. A few thoughts on the draft and a look back at baseball in the...

Don Zimmer Passes Away At 83


Zimmer was a player for the Cubs in 1960 and 1961 and the manager from 1989 to 1991.

MLB Bullets Feels Like 10 Million Bucks


Jon Singleton signs a long-term extension and is promoted to the majors. The Rangers miserable season just gets worse. The Rays aren't much better. The Phillies aren't a big league team and a quick...

MLB Bullets Says This Ain't No Party


David Ortiz and David Price got into it as the entire Red Sox coaching staff got ejected, almost. The Blue Jays continue to impress, as do the Giants and A's. Johnny Damon has a persecution complex...

MLB Bullets Examines The Knife


The ASMI takes aim at preventing Tommy John surgery. Replay needs to speed up. The Royals shuffle their coaches. Manny isn't being Manny in his return to Boston. The Blue Jays are for real, unless...

MLB Bullets Takes The Fall


The Mets found a couple of scapegoats, and one of the scapegoats found some more scapegoats That's so Mets. The Royals may be next to make a move. We got some good news on young pitchers. The...

MLB Bullets Is All Wet


Josh Beckett throws a no-no. Yasiel Puig is not going to change the way he plays on the field. Derek Jeter is not dying. The Astros have come under fire and the Padres and Nationals made a trade.

MLB Bullets: Goodnight, Sweet Prince


The Rangers. Hoo boy, the Rangers. They're in trouble. The new most underrated player in the game. The White Sox were kind of glad Chris Sale lost a perfect game. The A's are still winning and...

MLB Bullets Stops For A Bite


Stephen Drew's new team is his old team. A Dodger minor league takes a bite out of a teammate, and that's not the Dodgers' biggest problem. CC Sabathia is out a while, and that's a problem. And...

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