2005-06 Bleacher Reconstruction Project

Bleacher Reconstruction Update -- From The Cubs


It took the Cubs a month, but they finally posted some information on their website about the renovation. Among the things I learned from this article: The family section and group section that...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update


My friend David went by the ballpark during the windstorm on Sunday, Nov. 13, and sent these pictures of the construction: Top: View from Sheffield. Note the windscreens flapping in midair. The...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 11


On a day when you are all probably sitting waiting for the Cubs to announce that they've signed Rafael Furcal, I decided to hie myself over to the ballpark for more photos: Top: Looking south down...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 7


Top: Fencing around the main entrance at Clark & Addison -- not known what they are doing here; ramp at corner of Waveland & Sheffield Middle: View down Waveland; View down Sheffield Bottom:...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 2


The BCB Photography Team now has a new member -- Howard! He called yesterday afternoon as he was driving by the ballpark, with his camera, and told me that the Waveland gate was open, which allowed...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - October 30


Went by the ballpark yesterday to see what had transpired in a week -- nearly all the concrete is gone in center field, and most of the rest is down to the back of the ivy wall. I took my...

Bleacher Reconstruction And 2006 Schedule Update


The Braves released their 2006 schedule today, which leaves the Cubs and Cardinals as the only NL teams that haven't. I've made the adjustments (minor) at my post from earlier this month that...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - October 21


Demolition is proceeding quite quickly, as you can see in these photos. I wanted to take some pics with my regular digital camera, but forgot to charge up the batteries. These are camera-phone...

Open Thread: ALCS Game 5, NLCS Game 4, And More Bleacher Photos, Sunday 10/16


Cardinals vs. Astros, 3 pm CT, Fox. (Astros lead series 2-1) White Sox vs. Angels, 6:30 pm CT, Fox. (White Sox lead series 3-1) I could mention a certain other team that had a 3-1 lead in the LCS,...

Open Thread: NLCS Game 2, Thursday 10/13, And More Bleacher Photos


Astros vs. Cardinals, 7:05 pm CT, Fox. (Cardinals lead series 1-0) Here's an article about many disputed calls, plays, etc. in recent postseason play, including you-know-who from...

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