Chicago Cubs Ticket Exchanges

Ticket Exchanges: September 16-21 Homestand


This is the final homestand of 2011. The ticket exchange will be back in 2012. When, hopefully, there will be many games worth attending. Astros: September 16 (1:20), September 17 (12:05 --...

Ticket Exchanges: September 2-7 Homestand


Hey, look! Teams the Cubs actually might be able to beat. Pirates: September 2 (1:20), September 3 (12:05), September 4 (1:20) Reds: September 5 (1:20), September 6 (7:05), September 7 (7:05) A...

Ticket Exchanges: General 2011 Ticket Exchange


This post is for 2011 ticket exchanges -- during the season, I'll make posts for specific homestands, but you can use this one if you are looking for tickets several months out. Also use this for...

Ticket Exchanges: August 19-25 Homestand


Hey, look! Teams you actually might want to see! Note, the Sunday, August 21 game is now the Sunday night game that day. Cardinals: August 19 (1:20), August 20 (3:10), August 21 (7:05) Braves:...

Ticket Exchanges: August 5-10 Homestand


The Reds and Nationals make up this six-game homestand. Reds: August 5 (1:20), August 6 (12:05), August 7 (1:20) Nationals: August 8 (7:05), August 9 (7:05), August 10 (7:05) As always, face...

Ticket Exchanges: July 14-24 Homestand


This homestand is the first after the All-Star break. Dates & times: Marlins: July 14 (7:05), July 15 (1:20), July 16 (12:05), July 17 (1:20) Phillies: July 18 (7:05), July 19 (7:05), July 20...

Ticket Exchanges: June 27-July 3 Homestand


This homestand includes two makeup games from earlier rainouts. Dates & times: Rockies: June 27 (1:20) -- this is the makeup date from the April 27 rainout Giants: June 28 (1:20), June 28 (7:05),...

Ticket Exchanges: June 13-19 Homestand


This homestand may, at last, generate some interest for ticket exchanges, especially the second of the two series. Dates & times: Brewers: June 13 (7:05), June 14 (7:05), June 15 (7:05), June 16...

Ticket Exchanges: May 24-June 1 Homestand


By the end of this homestand, the Cubs will have played 31 home games (should have been 33 except for the April 27 and May 15 rainouts) -- and it'll only be June 1. Great scheduling. Dates & times: ...

Ticket Exchanges: May 6-15 Homestand


This homestand includes the first visit with the Cardinals, as well as matchups with 2010 playoff teams, the Reds and Giants. Dates & times: Reds: May 6 (1:20), May 7 (12:10), May 8 (1:20) C...

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