2005-06 Bleacher Reconstruction Project

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - Thursday Evening, 4/6


Here's your surprise: tonight, the Cubs offered those of us who are bleacher season ticket holders, a one-hour tour of the new facilities, before the craziness that will be Opening Day tomorrow. A...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 6


One day to go -- and the job's pretty much finished. The new bleachers will be ready to open, and I congratulate the construction crew on a job well done. It remains to be seen, of course, how it...

Game Thoughts And Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 5


It sure started out well, but Glendon Rusch and Jerome Williams showed why they really should be bottom-of-the-rotation starters today. The Cubs hit three homers but lost to the Reds anyway, 8-6. A...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 4


You'll see in some of the photos that there are several surfaces yet to be painted. Maybe I ought to wear a poncho on Friday. I hope they're done -- in 1946 the old Boston Braves were forced to...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - April 2


Since David took the current photos (Saturday afternoon), I'll let him fill you in on what was going on -- here's what he emailed me: I went up to the EL station. The benches have been installed in...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 26


They're making progress. No, really. Look at the speed with which the walls went up around the new stairwell. And, the entranceways -- nice fences, incidentally -- are nearly complete. There's just...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 20


SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Just because I'm in Arizona, doesn't mean the top-notch BCB Photo Team isn't there documenting the bleacher reconstruction. David took these photos around noon Saturday,...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - March 13


Three weeks from Friday... this has to be finished, or at least finished enough for people to walk in, sit down, get things to eat and drink... and use the facilities. Looking at photo #7 (third...

Bleacher Reconstruction & Game Update - March 9


It was hardly worth the trip to Tucson today -- the Cubs lost to the Rockies 6-2, and no one did much. They managed only four singles and two doubles. Of course, only two of the projected starting...

Bleacher Reconstruction & Game Update - March 2


Cubs win! And so what, really. The Cubs beat the A's 8-7 today. That's meaningless, because the seven runs (and three HR) were off Bryan Corey, who has absolutely zero chance of making the major...


Bleacher Reconstruction & Ticket Sale Update - February 25, And Fun With Numbers


Before I tell you about David's latest set of photos, taken yesterday in and around the first day of ticket sales (he had a very good wristband number!), here's some more fun with numbers, and a...

Bleacher Reconstruction & Wristband Line Update - February 23


As of 10:30 am, once again (as you can see in the last photo in the sequence), there was absolutely no line for wristbands. This is far different from the past two years, and likely means that far...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 20


In these photos David took on Sunday afternoon, the biggest difference from my set taken Friday, is the appearance of a "back fence" on the left-field side, which will be behind the last row of...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 17


It's COLD today! Actually, for mid-February, it's not bad -- 30 degrees. But compared to the last six weeks, and particularly yesterday which seemed like a spring day with thunderstorms, it seems...

The Bleachers As They Used To Be


David sent me some photos taken during the 2005 season, so you can remember the bleachers the way they were for 68 years, from 1937 through 2005. Looking at these, and knowing what's being built...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 12


I happened to be driving by the ballpark Saturday afternoon about 3:15. No, really. I was on my way to pick up Mark at a friend's house, and the ballpark just happened to be in between my house and...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 9


It was cold today, unlike the past few times I've been to the ballpark to take photos, today's temperature at photo time was 28 degrees. That's normal for this time of year, but after the mild...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 6


David went by the ballpark on Sunday morning, and these photos do answer at least one of the questions you raised last time -- it does appear that the steel has been painted white, although these...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - February 2


Today, I met my friend Ron from LF at the ballpark; we walked around the site together, reminisced a bit, and talked about how things might go once the gates open on April 7. You know what, it'll...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 30


As you can see, they've made considerable progress on the outer wall even since my round of photos last Thursday; less so on the interior. Photos taken Sunday afternoon, January 29; the timeline...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 26


Apparently, we have some new BCB readers -- some of the construction workers at the ballpark. How do I know this? Because one of them spotted me, started yelling "Bleed Cubbie Blue!", and then...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 23


David slogged through the snow -- OK, so it's not really slogging when it's not snowing and 38 degrees -- to take these photos on Sunday afternoon. I was going to take a photo myself later this...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 20


Thursday afternoon was yet another one of those January days that was nicer than it'll likely be on Opening Day -- 55 degrees and hazy sun. Thus, it was a good day to stop by the ballpark and snap...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 14


While the rest of us were downtown at the Cubs Convention, David, who was unable to attend, stopped by Wrigley Field for some further construction updates. They've made considerable progress even...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 12


Since I was going to drop off my season ticket invoice today (they're due on Monday), and it's an absolutely gorgeous day out (sunny and 55 degrees, probably way nicer than it will be on Opening...

2005-06 Bleacher Reconstruction Timeline


Thanks to BCB reader Mike (not Mike who draws all the great cartoons here, but another Mike), who did all the HTML for me (worked his butt off, in fact, redoing some stuff when it didn't quite work...

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