2005-06 Bleacher Reconstruction Project

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 7


It's become a popular thing to do -- take pictures of the bleacher project, especially on a gorgeous, sunny, 42-degree afternoon such as today was. I saw at least half a dozen other people walking...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - January 2


Just to show you how we bleacher denizens are on the same wavelength, I had e-mailed David yesterday evening asking him if he could stop by the ballpark and take photos today. Unbeknownst to me, he...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 24


It's 42 degrees, cloudy and foggy, and drizzling lightly in Chicago today. You know. Opening Day weather. It seemed like a nice enough day, though, to head over to the ballpark and take some...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 17


Despite the 25-degree weather and a biting wind, there was quite a bit of construction activity at the ballpark today, as you'll see in the photos. I saw a few other people with cameras; the...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - December 12


Photos taken Sunday afternoon, December 11. Top: Behind left field, on Waveland. Note tall vertical poles positioned at the back of the new bleacher extension. Is this how high the new fence...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update -- December 8


Yesterday, Howard called me, having driven by the ballpark, and he said there were "big things" going on, lots of new steel up, etc. Naturally, I had to go and find out for myself. Thus, you now...

And Now For Something Completely Different


Had enough of hyperventilating about trade and free agent rumors for a while? Take a breather and check out some more bleacher reconstruction and other ballpark photos, taken Sunday, December 4. ...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update: December 2


You may be a bit startled by these photos, as they show major changes from a week ago; the left-field steel superstructure has been nearly completed since then, despite a couple of snowy days and...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update: November 26


Ask and you shall receive. Some of you have noted that the photos I have been placing on the site are pretty large; they both can take a while to load, and they also, depending on what your display...

Bleacher Reconstruction Update - November 17


This all has to be finished in 140 days. Think they'll make it? Keep in mind that it was 30 degrees today, not a very conducive temperature for pouring concrete. (Photos taken at 1 pm today,...

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