Chicago Cubs Essays

Concessions Of A Cubs Fan: Reuben Dog

What I had hoped would be a heart attack in a bun was a bit short of that. The cheese was cold. The corned beef sparse, sauerkraut cold, and the Russian dressing could be compared to whatever orange goo resides at the end of a Subway production line.

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: New York Yankees

They have a deep history and a bought team, yet their passionately vocal fans always let you know about it to your face. But rooting for them is still akin to rooting for the dealer at a casino.

Making A Case For Firing Theo Epstein

What would be needed to get Theo Epstein fired? Here are some ideas.

The Cubs Should Call Up Javier Baez... Now

That headline ought to stir the pot.

Tom Ricketts And Theo Epstein Have A Meeting

The owner sat down with his President of Baseball Operations for a weekly chat. We've got the transcript.

A Cubs Oasis In A Yankees Town

There are nearly eight and a half million people in New York City, and only one Chicago Cubs bar. That bar is Kelly's Sports Bar in the East Village.

Fun With Cubs Small Sample Sizes

So what can the first 12 games tell us about the rest of the season? Absolutely nothing. But that's not going to stop me.

Closing Time: The Closer, Past And Future

With the closer spot in focus in the Cubs bullpen, here's an examination of how the modern closer came to exist.

The State Of Being A Cubs Fan, April 2014 Edition

It's an off day, so why not stir up a little controversy?

Let's Talk About... Men In Bear Suits

Only in Chicago do things like this happen.


Arismendy Alcantara: The Cubs' Future Redundancy

A redundant player may sound like trade bait, but Alcantara may fit into a very valuable role.

The Cubs Make Me Drink: A Photo Essay

During this opening series, I personally witnessed three drunken face plants, saw a couple smoking weed in Terrace Reserved, a video of Billy Cub and a bar patron fighting, and watched girls make out at Wrigleyville's "The Dugout."

Cubs Clearance Rack: The Good, Bad, And The Useful

Since the Cubs have decided to not spend big money on a team, there's no reason you shouldn't "Think like Theo", and get the most bang for your buck in the Clearance Section of the MLB Shop!

A Very Wrigleyville Opening Day

Wrigleyville. Opening Day. What could possibly go right? Everything! Well, except the Cubs losing in extra innings to the Pirates. But the small faithful crowd at Murphy's Bleachers were undaunted by the opening day loss.

Are the Chicago Cub Sox A Playoff Contender?

Roll two bad teams into one and what do you get? I'm not real sure.

Reflections On The Cusp Of The 2014 Cubs Season

The Cubs' regular season begins tomorrow. It might not be a very good year.

Who's Thirsty For Some Cubs Kool-Aid?

I am no longer riding on the lovable losers train in which disappointment is worn by Cubs fans like a cloak of honor. I will see our cup not as half full, but overflowing with possibility.

Why The Cubs Will Win The Pennant

Yes, I wrote that headline. Details inside.

The Cubs' 25-Man Roster: Where Do We Stand?

It's just four days till Opening Day, and there are still some unanswered questions about who will be on the plane to Pittsburgh.

Cubs Spring Training on the Cheap: Vegas!

I decided to employ a little magical thinking with $5 and play this "Wild Bear" slot machine as a euphemism for the Cubs rebuilding process. If I lose it, all our prospects are a bust, If I double it we win the World Series. And guess what?

Cubs Spring Training On The Cheap, Part 2

What does $800 get ya these days? How about a 10-day trip to three cities,six ball games, and two rock gigs? BCB's Danny Rockett continues his budget Spring Training trip with tons of pictures!

On Rany On The Cubs

Rany Jazayerli is a baseball analyst who wrote a long piece on the Cubs and their future. This is a little analysis of the analyst.

Cubs Baseball Brings Out The Best In People

Unfazed and excited by my first earthquake, my mind drifted to the joy I've experienced meeting the far flung fans of our beloved Cubbies, and the kind people who have helped make my Spring Training trip the adventure I hoped it would be.

Why I Go To Cubs Games Alone

So, a professional beach volleyball player, a medical marijuana dispensary owner, a finance student, and a cop are hanging out at a baseball game…Sounds like the beginning of a joke. And it kind of is, considering my life sometimes feels like a joke.

MLB Team License Plate: Would You Get One?

It's still a while until the Cubs play again Friday, so let's have some fun.

Cubs Mid-Spring Training Report Card

With the Cubs having a day off Thursday, let's look at how some players are doing at the approximate halfway mark of spring training.

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