Community Projections

2008 Community Projections: Ted Lilly


Last year, a lot of people made comparisons between Ted Lilly and Bronson Arroyo -- a lefthander who had had middling success in the NL East, and guessed that Lilly, as did Arroyo in 2006, would...

2008 Community Projections: Carlos Zambrano


Now that the dust has settled from yesterday's ticket sale, let's go back to our projections. All eight of the likely position player starters are now posted -- and I will leave the Kosuke...

2008 Community Projections: Kosuke Fukudome


Kosuke Fukudome's rookie card as a Chunichi Dragon This projection could go almost any way you want it to go. Will Dome continue to have the production he's had in Japan? Most Japanese position...

2008 Community Projections: Felix Pie


This one ought to be interesting. Will this be the year that Felix Pie finally makes it as a major league regular? All along, I thought 2008 would be his target year to blossom. Will he be good?...

2008 Community Projections: Alfonso Soriano


Regardless of where you think he should hit in the batting order, you know that, assuming Alfonso Soriano is healthy (and from all accounts, he is, even though we have heard he's taking it slow so...

2008 Community Projections: Ryan Theriot


So -- what say you about Ryan Theriot? Will he step up his production to at least league-average and retain his starting slot? Or is he more the guy who faded in September 2007 and will the Cubs...

2008 Community Projections: Aramis Ramirez


Will Aramis come back injury-free and have that one monster season we've all been expecting from him? (He's played 150 or more games only three times in the seven years he's been a major league...

2008 Community Projections: Mark DeRosa


I'm going to leave the Derrek Lee post up through the weekend, but let's also get started on Mark DeRosa. DeRosa put up nearly identical numbers in his final season at Texas in 2006, and in his...

2008 Community Projections: Derrek Lee


It seems unlikely that D-Lee will return to the MVP-quality form he showed in 2005 -- that might have been a career year. But it also seems likely that, one year further removed from the...

2008 Community Projections: Geovany Soto


With spring training under way, I thought it was a good time to start this series again. If you are new to BCB, each year I ask you to give your best projection -- use any method you want, from...

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