Community Projections

2007 Community Projection Review


With players filing for free agency, and the managerial wheels turning faster than expected (you can continue to discuss that here and here,) I thought we could take a little break this morning and...

2007 Community Projections: The Final Results


I owe a great big "THANK YOU" to BCB reader Imtrejo, who faithfully tallied up each player's projections and emailed them to me about two days after each original post was made. Here are the final...

2007 Community Projections: Kerry Wood


Serendipity again -- I had planned all along to make Wood the last in the community projection series (he'll be the sixteenth player we project); as it turns out, today is also a day on which...

2007 Community Projections: Ryan Dempster


So -- does Dempster "get it"? Was last year the "real Dempster", or was it a fluke, with 2005 being more what we can expect? Does he wind up in a setup role later in the year, with Kerry Wood...

2007 Community Projections: Mark Prior


Your numbers for Mark Prior might have looked different before yesterday's performance, I'm guessing. Or, they might look different five days from now, if he pitches again and does well. Honestly,...

2007 Community Projections: Jason Marquis


Well, this ought to be interesting. I think most of you know that I think Marquis will snap back to near his 2004 numbers with the Cardinals. He's never going to be a Cy Young-caliber pitcher, but...

2007 Community Projections: Rich Hill


This is serendipitous timing, as Hill will make his spring debut on TV today against the White Sox. So if you like, you can watch him throw, and then make your projection. Had we been doing this...

2007 Community Projections: Ted Lilly


Pictured above, ladies and gentlemen, is, for better or for worse, your #2 starter (at least for the time being). Will he continue his career-long league-average performance (his career ERA+ is...

2007 Community Projections: Carlos Zambrano


We've now projected nine hitters (eight probable starters plus Cliff Floyd). Today, it's on to the pitching staff and the Cubs' ace (who will also, coincidentally, be starting today's game against...

2007 Community Projections: Cliff Floyd


Given yesterday's announcement by Lou Piniella that Cliff Floyd won't play until at least 7-10 days into March, how much playing time will he actually get? Will he start the year on the DL? Will...

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