Cub Tracks

Cub Tracks Is A Diverse Collection


An amazing mix today. Sample from eleven different media outlets on: Kris, Javy, Jack, Jed, Kap, Mendy, Mad Dog, Upper Case, bye bye Barney, a military free agent, fake prospects, why the time is...

Cub Tracks Sees Trouble Mounting


The writers see doom and gloom for the rest of the season. Can we just go back to monitoring the prospects now?

Cub Tracks Is Filing A Lawsuit


There's a guy who walks around Wrigley in a bear suit, and the Cubs aren't happy about it. That and much more on top prospects Kris Bryant and Javier Baez along with some fun with Lego and maps in...

Cub Tracks Awaits The Second Half


Erik's away, so I'm filling in with post-All-Star linkage.

Cub Tracks Is An Exhibitionist


This is about baseball games that don't officially count. Two big parts of the Cubs' future played in a game of the same name, the young All-Stars have headed off to the land of 10,000 lakes, and I...

Cub Tracks Barks Back


It's all about energy as the Cubs work to finish the first half on the upswing. So the team's big dog barked at the Reds, Mendy gives a jolt, a contention plan is built, Jake takes the rotation by...

Cub Tracks Is Out Of Sorts


The big league club is floundering. Dreamy Kris gets kicked out. ADDISON IS BUST!!!! AA is promoted, but is (probably) heading back. Other players have one eye on the door. Rooftop issues linger....

Cub Tracks Adores Addison


Everyone is talking about Addison Russell. Come on in for more fawning, trade rumors, prospect reports, saying goodbye to now ex-teammates, the light at the end of the tunnel, All-Star berths, new...

Cub Tracks Feels Independent


The good news continues to flow as the front office clarifies progress, the team is on the verge of an offensive juggernaut, a couple pitchers look back on their trade experience, Rogers pitches...

Cub Tracks Is Trade Tracks: Special Edition!


Well, this is exactly what I get for finishing most of the Sunday Cub Tracks on Friday. But suffice to say, everyone is writing about "The Big Deal." So enjoy this special edition of Cub Tracks as...


Cub Tracks Thinks Of Its Legacy


A return trip to Boston has the Cubs thinking about history and legacies. There's more on the front office and Manny, why there are almost too many prospects to count, the Cubs get better, and...

Cub Tracks Had No Choice


The Cubs trip to Boston means the writers had "no choice" but to write about Theo and Boston. For his part, Epstein says a rebuild wasn't a choice. Meanwhile, Dallas Beeler puts a pair of teammates...

Cub Tracks Is The Only Game In Town?


It's Sunday and there's no Cubs' game. But Cub Tracks is here to help you fill in the gap with Manny, the Derby, pitchers in the outfield, Junior's crash, baseball vs. soccer, a long talk with...

Cub Tracks Actually Matters


And pretty soon, the games will, too. While we look to the future, some players are making the future "now," others are looking for a way out of town in the name of the next generation, a debut is...

Cub Tracks Looks At Progress


Most eyes are still trained on the minors. But Len Kasper thinks attention will soon turn to the big league club. Plenty of prospects are making moves and trade rumors rumble, including Hammel as a...

Cub Tracks Is In A Happy Place


This column is fun to write when the team is playing well. There's plenty of prospect buzz, trade chatter, Gordo's normal nonsense, draft pick progress, and growing swagger. Fangraphs cites one of...

Cub Tracks Is The Status Quo


Many Cub things are staying the same. And in this case, that's a good thing and means positive news keeps coming in. Prospects are promoted, trade talks continue, Tony Gwynn influenced the Cubs'...

Cub Tracks Is Filled With Promise


Most of the articles are taking a more positive turn. Whether it is glowing farm reports, big leaguers taking steps, or draft signings on the way, many things are looking up. And before you stare...

Cub Tracks Looks For A Spark


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Cub Tracks is looking for something to get us going. In today's edition, there's trade talk, stubbornness, signings, and an underground ocean.

Cub Tracks Is Extremely Ready


For what? Lots of things. Like an All-Star berth for Anthony, an open wallet from Tom, and a nice start to a career for upper-case Kyle. Of course, there's gushing about Kris and also a view from...

Cub Tracks Is Putting It Together


The team is playing better, spurred by a number of improved performances. Those could pay future dividends. So could the recent draft and Starlin's fixes. Plus we've got the value of a career,...

Cub Tracks Drafts The Reviews


The writers are analyzing the recently completed draft because that's what the public demands. The Blackhawks feel the love at Wrigley, the Cubs reflect on a loss, the radio dial turns, and Tetris...

Cub Tracks Is Ready For Draft Day


It will be exciting to see who the Cubs' new toy will be tonight. But there's more to Cub Tracks than draft news. The Cubs say "go away, Jose", there's all sorts of good news for prospects, and Pat...

Cub Tracks Is Feeling A Draft


Many eyes in the Cubs' world are turning to Thursday's amateur draft. Others have their eyes and ears on trade talks, the legend of Kris Bryant, Crane is going nowhere, Harry had a bar tab, and...

Cub Tracks Seems Repetitive


There's a lot of the same topics today. Some are good (Kris Bryant, draft possibilities). Others not so much (extending Kenney, blunders on and off the field, renovation nonsense).

Cub Tracks Is Over California


Mixed reviews for the Cubs on the left coast. But there's All-Star talk, draft chatter, gushing prospect reviews, and tricks for your brain in today's Cub Tracks.

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