Pujols reportedly turns down contract offer


Whether he becomes a Cub or not, it would still benefit us not to have him as a Cardinal!

OT: Baseball Project: Volume 2


Just a heads up to any fans of the Baseball Project. Their new record High and Inside will come out on March 1 and feature Craig Finn from The Hold Steady singing a song about the Twins, as well as Ira from Yo La Tengo. If you've got their first record you'll know how great these guys are. It's basically members of the Minus 5 and REM's Peter Buck writing rock songs about baseball. Also, they had an interim project last year writing songs about the 2010 season for ESPN which you can download legally from the ESPN site here. It included a song about the Cubs which, unfortunately, didn't prove to be prophetic. Tracklist: 1. "1976" 2. "Panda and The Freak" 3. "Fair Weather Fans" 4. "Don't Call Them Twinkies" 5. "Chin Music" 6. "Buckner's Bolero" 7. "Tony (Boston's Chosen Son)" 8. "Ichiro Goes to the Moon" 9. "The Straw that Stirs the Drink" 10. "Look Out Mom" 11. "Pete Rose Way" 12. "Twilight of My Career" 13. "Here Lies Carl Mays"

High School Coach Doesn't Allow Legless Player on Team.


The player didn't make the cut onto the team. Controversy ensues.

Fair is Fair: Certain Former Cub Won't Face Charges


If we're going to race to post that a certain former Cub now on the Mariners has done yet another bad thing, we should also post when authorities have decided there isn't enough evidence to warrant charges on his latest incident.

Former MLB Manager Chuck Tanner Dies At 81


Tanner managed the White Sox, Pirates and Braves. He was an outfielder for the Cubs in 1957 and 1958.

Ryan Dempster's Old House Is For Sale


... and the price has just been reduced.

OT: Mark Buerhle wanted Vick to get hurt this season.


Some people will never forgive...wishing harm on ANYONE is cruel in my opinion.

ESPN Story involving Cubs Rhoderick ($)


It's behind the insider pay wall, but it's a story about pitchers who lose velocity and that perhaps some of the training methods that MLB uses for pitchers are wrong. The story focuses on Pirates pitcher Tim Alderson, who is a poster child for pitchers who have lost velocity. Rhoderick, a Cubs ninth round draft pick last year, was a HS teammate of Alderson's and helps him discover what he's doing wrong.

Racing Sausages Turned Into Cool Concession Item At Miller Park


They're going to sell kebabs with a piece of each of the five sausages. Cool idea.

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