Ryan Dempster's Old House Is For Sale


... and the price has just been reduced.

OT: Mark Buerhle wanted Vick to get hurt this season.


Some people will never forgive...wishing harm on ANYONE is cruel in my opinion.

ESPN Story involving Cubs Rhoderick ($)


It's behind the insider pay wall, but it's a story about pitchers who lose velocity and that perhaps some of the training methods that MLB uses for pitchers are wrong. The story focuses on Pirates pitcher Tim Alderson, who is a poster child for pitchers who have lost velocity. Rhoderick, a Cubs ninth round draft pick last year, was a HS teammate of Alderson's and helps him discover what he's doing wrong.

Racing Sausages Turned Into Cool Concession Item At Miller Park


They're going to sell kebabs with a piece of each of the five sausages. Cool idea.

Red Sox Open Email Lottery For Cubs Series


Details at the link. Good luck!

Update on Super Bowl seating issue


The NFL has now made the folllowing offer: 1) $2,400 cash payment (3 times the ticket value) and a transferable ticket to Super Bowl XLVI (meaning you can sell it or give it away) OR 2) A non-transferrable ticket to ANY future Super Bowl, with plane fare and hotel accomodations paid. So, you basically can take the cash and roll the dice on whether you will want to see the game in Indy. On the one hand, it's fairly easy driving distance for anyone from Wisconsin or PIttsburgh, so your other expenses aren't as great, but on the other hand, it's bleeping Indiana No Place. Or, you basically pay in 2011 to see a Super Bowl mostly expense-free in the future. Meanwhile, there are tons or horror stories coming out about the "great treatment" the NFL supposedly provided these fans. I'm getting a little sick of the media poo-poohing this as well. Guys like Kornheiser and Wilbon are basically telling the fans to stop whining. I'm tired of sportswriters who don't have to pay a damn thing to see a game telling off fans. They have no clue.

One More Reason Why No One Likes A-Rod


Hey, A-Rod. Know why everyone loves Jeter and doesn't like you? Here's why.

An Update On The Search For Pat Hughes' New Partner


They still haven't decided. Keith Moreland is still my choice.

Jayson Stark's offseason grades for the NL Central


BIGGEST ADDITIONS: Matt Garza, Carlos Pena, Kerry Wood, Reed Johnson, Fernando Perez, Max Ramirez, manager Mike Quade. BIGGEST SUBTRACTIONS: Tom Gorzelanny, Xavier Nady, Sam Fuld, manager Lou Piniella. He gave the Cubs a B and said they definitely improved their team. He also said that at $1.5 million, Wood may be the best buy any team made all winter. Other grades: STL: C CIN: C MIL: A- HOU: D PIT: C+

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