Cubs, others pursuing Adrian Gonzalez


As we figured, Red Sox are the favorites. There were some tweets in the comments that the Padres are seriously involved with other teams now about Adrian Gonzalez.

Very nice article on Santo by Wojciechowski


Sorry if this has already been posted, but I have not seen it.

Article from Seattle Times writer on Ron Santo's Pacific Northwest roots


I implore you to check out the links from this article to previous articles Larry Stone (one of the finest MLB writers in all the land) wrote about Santo... and the comments for a couple different insights to Ron's roots in Seattle and through the Pacific Northwest.

Kevin Goldstein's Top 11 Cubs Prospects


Basically a similar opinion to many on this site: "Impact talent? Not really. Depth? You betcha." Four-Star Prospects 1. Brett Jackson, OF 2. Trey McNutt, RHP 3. Chris Archer, RHP Three-Star Prospects 4. Josh Vitters, 3B 5. Hak-Ju Lee, SS 6. Chris Carpenter, RHP 7. Hayden Simpson, RHP 8. Reggie Golden, OF 9. Jay Jackson, RHP 10. Robinson Lopez, RHP 11. Brandon Guyer, OF Another interesting note is that he has Marquez Smith as our 13th best prospect. Probably somebody we shouldn't have exposed to the Rule 5 draft.

God bless Ron Santo.


God bless Ron Santo.

Ron Santo has passed away at the age of 70 due to complications from bladder cancer


Ron Santo has passed away at the age of 70 due to complications from bladder cancer

WGN's Rob Hart

Non-Tender Dumpster Diving


The link above goes to Mlbtraderumor's non-tender tracker. I see some interesting names among those available: Jack Cust: Adam Dunn lite, OBP, Power, Atrocious fielding. I think we should snap him up as a backup to Soriano and possibly as a platoon mate/backup to whatever FA 1B we pickup. Bobby Jenks-: The bloom is certainly off the rose with Mr. Jenks, but he is a reliever with a previously good track record prior to conditioning issues and a ballooning salary made him unpalatable to the White Sox. For the right price he could be worth a try. We may as well try for high-ceiling players. Hideki Okajima: Another reliever whose decling performance and increasing salary made him a non-tender candidate. I expect the Red Sox to try and resign him to a more team friendly deal than what he would've had in arbitration. He has had very good years, and could be worth a look for the right price. I don't see many other interesting names that would be non-tendered. The deadline was last night, but I expect news is still filtering out on some. Luke Scott could be another cheap 1B/Corner Outfielder option, but I expect that the Cubs would have to trade for him. Alex Gordon is a player sure to be tendered, but I think he would be worth pursuing, perhaps in tandem with Zach Greinke. We've seen what a brutal season can happen if A-Ram goes down for a long time. I am not really satified with a Baker/DeWitt platoon's offensive contribution at 2B, let alone 3B. The Cubs still lack a viable backup for A-Ram, and this needs fixed sooner or later.

Cubs are in on Konerko


Dunn to the White Sox for 4/56 according to Gammons, Rosenthal, Heyman


Dunn reportedly gets 4/56 from White Sox. Shocking, Dunn actually got the type of deal he wanted. Oh wait... no that's not shocking at all. I've been saying all season and into the offseason Dunn would get 4 years and command near 15 million annually. Those thinking 3/30 would happen were delusional. Even in a limited market in terms of suitors Dunn got the usual FA premium you see.

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