If he keeps it up lets start a petition for Kris Bryant to start the Season as starter in the Biggs

  1. Need a solid 3rd Baseman
  2. Good Power already
  3. Make This Season interesting
  4. Don't you want it?
  5. Beats a Platoon or Valbuena

MLB Announces Revolutionary New Fielding-Tracking System

Sounds like it will make a major change in understanding and evaluating defense.

NYC Finally Got Around to Digitizing Ebbets Field Blueprints

But of course they are crappy low-resolution versions. I have sent off an e-mail to find out if there are high-res versions available for purchase.

Vogelbach loses 30 lbs

Per Carrie Muskat, Mr. Vogelbach has lost 30 more pounds this offseason in hopes to shed the DH Only label. I'm rooting for this kid, and hope his bat becomes what we all hope it becomes. Maybe the 30 lbs would allow him to play a little LF maybe, or maybe not.

The Life of a Baseball Beat Writer

This Hardball Times article is about a month old but still well worth reading. It's a bit of a game-changer for me. As much as the Sullys and Gordos (and, lately, Mooneys) of the world annoy me, they have a pretty grueling job. And when you combine that with following a team that's been losing many more games than it's won over the last few years, maybe their cynicism and impatience is a little easier to understand.

Cubs Photo Day 2014

One reason to watch the 2014 Cubs: Carlos Villanueva's mustache.

Nick Franklin may be available, is he a fit?

This is one of those scenarios where the final question is what the prospect cost is, but he's shown promise at the major league level, and is controlled for quite a few more years. While we have a lot of options for the middle infield, would you consider adding him, knowing we'd need to outbid teams looking to make him their shortstop?

Doug Glanville on Derek Jeter

Glanville's writing is always a joy. Here is his take on the upcoming retirement of Derek Jeter, with a good look back at a memorable career.

Minor League FIP numbers, 2014

Pierce Johnson is 16th throughout minor league ball last year. On prospect was 'a bit' higher.

Tanaka Spends Almost $200k to Fly to Spring Training...

Holy cow. I can't even imagine the meltdowns we'd get in the Cublogosphere if TheoJed had landed this guy after all. In retrospect, I'm really thinking that the Cubs may have dodged a bullet here. I can't see Cubs fans (or hardworking Chicagoans) embracing a guy who drops coin like a rockstar – and feeds his dog like one too. Especially after the last few years...

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