The Cubs ask the 100 year old guy for a second chance.

So they made a mistake and are at least willing to try and make up for it in someway. I wonder if they guy will take them up on it.

Posting this got me banned on Reddit Cubs...

guess the Kool-Aid drinkers there won't let you have an contrary opinion.

The Gray Lady on the Cubs Blues

New York Times writer Barry Bearak, an admitted Cubs fan, addresses the team's sad situation in today's paper. My recommendation when reading this article is: Be patient. Although it starts out seeming like the same depressing rehash of the team's long history of failure, he actually winds up doing a pretty fair assessment of our current predicament. Perhaps the biggest plus of the article is that he gets both the goat and Bartman stories right. How often do we see that in the mainstream media? The article also contains a whopper of a quote by Tom Ricketts, which I've never noticed before. Really, Tom? It's easy to build an 83-win team that wins at that rate for a decade? I don't want to get too caught up on the number but...I'd scale it down to perhaps "It's easy to build a 70-75 win team." I'm filing that quote under "Another Ricketts PR stumble." Getting back to the author, I'd ding him a little bit for not mentioning that the Chicago Cubs of the 1930s. They were, in fact, a dynasty of sorts. (Granted, a championship-less dynasty...maybe that's an oxymoron.) And I don't completely agree with his final point about payroll. Spending just to get to a "respectable" dollar amount is not going to adequately change the team's fortunes, in my view. Anyway, despite its initial appearance, this article is worth a read -- especially now that the Cubs-Yankees has been delayed a day. (Life ain't nothin' but money and Fanshotz, b&*@#es!)

Why Pitchers and Tommy John know each other so well

thought this was a good article detailing why so many pitchers are having TJ surgery so early in their careers. the article gives some reasons as to why and how they're injuring themselves...thought it was a good read and wanted to share...

Are the Cubs about to pick new broadcast partners (in 2 to three weeks)?

If you haven't already heard, "The Chicago Cubs are believed to be in the final stages of discussions about new radio and television broadcast contracts."

Pictures from Opening Week

These are mostly just pics of the park and stairwells in case anyone cares to see how they bedecked Wrigley for their 100th Home Opener.

Unofficial Cubs mascot officially slugs a guy

I'm still not sure what to think of this guy. Part panhandler, but doesn't "Woo". I know the Cubs have been trying to get rid of him for a while. Slugging at guy at a local establishment won't help his cause.

Warren Buffett Interested In Investing in Cubs

And that's pretty much all Forbes knows at this time. "The Ricketts family hails from Omaha, the same city that is home to Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway . And for 21 years Buffett owned a minority interest in the Omaha Storm Chasers, the minor league baseball team he sold almost two years ago."

Where to eat at Wrigley

Here's a story about all the food offerings at Wrigley this year and where they are.

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