Pictures from Opening Week

These are mostly just pics of the park and stairwells in case anyone cares to see how they bedecked Wrigley for their 100th Home Opener.

Unofficial Cubs mascot officially slugs a guy

I'm still not sure what to think of this guy. Part panhandler, but doesn't "Woo". I know the Cubs have been trying to get rid of him for a while. Slugging at guy at a local establishment won't help his cause.

Warren Buffett Interested In Investing in Cubs

And that's pretty much all Forbes knows at this time. "The Ricketts family hails from Omaha, the same city that is home to Buffett’s holding company, Berkshire Hathaway . And for 21 years Buffett owned a minority interest in the Omaha Storm Chasers, the minor league baseball team he sold almost two years ago."

Where to eat at Wrigley

Here's a story about all the food offerings at Wrigley this year and where they are.

Henry Blanco Retires

After being denied a spot on the 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks 25-man roster, the great Henry Blanco has decided to retire and join the D'Backs coaching staff. Let's take a moment to honor, and share our memories of, Hank White -- the greatest backup catcher (with all ten fingers) to ever grace a Cubs uniform. My fondest memory of Blanco is a photograph. During a game in 2006, one of those roving Wrigley photogs took a picture of me with my oldest friend, sitting in the bleachers just in front of the scoreboard. What name happened to be lit up behind us at that very moment? Yep: HENRY BLANCO - AVG .248 HR 5 RBI 26. (Fanshotz in yo face fools!)

Younger Than Golf: MLB's Age Problem

Just stumbled across this article while, ahem, working. Bloomberg BusinessWeek takes on baseball's impending doom as younger viewers take their sports-seeking eyeballs elsewhere. And look who they picked for the article's primary image! Is that a subtle reference to the purple dinosaur? Clever. (Fanshotz 4 life suckaz.)

Statistics applied to statistically based predictions.

Nate Silver's sometimes controversial site has an interesting take on predicting a team's seasonal performance. Nothing's perfect...

Castro open to position switch to make room for Baez

I think it makes more sense than moving Baez, at least in the short-term.

More Cactus League History; The Giants (and the Angels) at Casa Grande

Hard to believe the Angels trained here but played games in Palm Springs. Makes the walk from Fitch Park to HoHoKam fairly easy....

The best mustaches in recent Cubs history

A Carlos Villanueva inspired baseball card retrospective...

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