KC Cougar Doubleheader Photos


Here are some photos that I took at the Kane County Cougar doubleheader on Sunday, June 22, 2014. I've got quite a few here of Kyle Schwarber. I hope you enjoy them. If you'd like to see them individually, you can click on any photo and arrow through them that way, rather than the collage Flickr sets up.

OT: Qualifiers for European Cup Day 4


The first finalists have been found after day four at the Qualifiers for the European Cups on Thursday......

OT: 31 European clubs from 20+ countries open Baseball's 2014 'Champions League'


...The Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) has started its qualifying tournaments for the European "Champions League" Cup this week. The tournament is being held in six different countries throughout Europe, involving 31 club teams from over 20 different countries...

Bryant homers first game AAA


man on in the 7th, 1-4, two flyouts one K

OT: Qualifiers for European Cup Day 2, June 17


After Antwerp, Athens and Brest opened the Qualifiers for the European Cups on Monday, Stockholm joined the trio one day later with four more teams fighting to advance to the European Cup A.... etc. etc.

Whoa - Cuban bid 1.3B for the Cubs!?!?!


Maybe this'll make Cub Tracks tomorrow but lost in all of today's TGwynn memories and the usual meltdowns, is this article by Wittenmyer about MLB's anti-trust exemption. Most of it is same old, same old, but there was this nugget about Cuban having submitted a bid of 1.3B for the Cubs. I don't recall hearing that before. I figured he dropped out of bidding because he wasn't going to get sucked up into Zell's terms. But if he really went that high, and MLB still told him to take a hike...

OT: European Cups and Qualifiers


The Confederation of European Baseball (C.E.B.) is opening its 2014 competition calendar this week with the European Cups and the Qualifiers for the European Cup. 31 club teams will be in action in six different locations throughout Europe. All games will be available via live play by play on the C.E.B. tournaments website ... etc. etc.

Attention Rooters, Kranks and Kranklets


Come one and all to witness the gentlemanly art of laying the willow on the onion at an 1860 Base Ball game in McHenry County on June 21st between the McHenry County Independents and the Lake County Athletics in Prairie Grove, IL.

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