Dave Martinez's Manager Interview, And 2 New Names

The former Cubs player and current Tampa Bay Rays bench coach was in town recently for his managerial interview. Here's how it went.

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Cubs

In 1984, the Chicago Cubs captured the hearts and minds of Chicago sports fans. Even though they fell short of winning the World Series, the team left an indelible mark on a generation of Cubs fans who remember hearing Van Halen's "Jump" open WGN telecasts.

BCB Interview: Boise Hitting Coach Bill Buckner

A Cubs legend took a few minutes of his time to talk to me.


Wade Boggs Interviews Andrew Belleson

Andrew Belleson won an open audition to be the Cubs' P.A. announcer. Now, he's the subject of a short feature hosted by a Hall of Fame player.

BCB Interview: Tom Ricketts, Part 3

In the final part of this interview, Tom Ricketts talks about topics from ticket sales to Dale Sveum to Carlos Zambrano, and more.

BCB Interview: Tom Ricketts, Part 2

Part 2 of BCB's wide-ranging interview with the Cubs chairman includes thoughts on Wrigley Field and the new spring complex in Mesa.

BCB Interview: Tom Ricketts, Part 1

In the first of a three-part interview, Tom Ricketts explains the process that brought Theo Epstein to Chicago.

SB Nation's Rob Neyer Answers Your Questions

As promised, Rob Neyer, SB Nation's national baseball editor, will be here from (approximately) 1 pm - 2 pm CST today to answer your questions. Be nice and maybe he'll stick around a little...

BCB Interview: Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts (Part III)

This portion of BCB's three-part interview with Tom Ricketts discusses TV blackouts, Mike Quade and what he hopes to accomplish this year.

BCB Interview: Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts (Part II)

This portion of BCB's three-part interview with Tom Ricketts focuses on Wrigley Field and the Cubs' new spring training complex in Mesa.


BCB Interview: Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts (Part I)

The first of a three-part interview with the chairman of the Cubs.

BCB Interview: Bill James

An interview with the father of sabermetrics, the statistical study of baseball.

BCB Interview: Tom Ricketts And Crane Kenney

Cubs top management sits down with BCB for a wide-ranging interview.

Cubs New Spring Training Complex Update: BCB Interview With Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall

A different take on the new Cubs spring training complex.

Cubs Spring Training Complex Update

Mesa mayor Scott Smith on the proposed Cubs new spring training complex.

BCB Exclusive Interview: Mayor Scott Smith Of Mesa, Arizona

An exclusive interview with the Mayor of Mesa.

BCB Interview: Crane Kenney

A wide-ranging interview with Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney.

BCB Interview: Mike Fontenot

Photo by Miriam Romain Many thanks to the Cubs and Troy Tepley of Exponent PR for arranging this interview with Cubs infielder Mike Fontenot. BCB: You were a number one draft out of LSU...

BCB Interview: Crane Kenney

Last Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to be invited into the office of Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney. Over the course of an hour he granted me a wide-ranging interview covering subjects from...

BCB Interview: Bob Brenly

Thanks to Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly for answering nearly all the questions you all posted a couple of weeks ago. I'll continue the player projection series this afternoon. BCB: How do you...

BCB Interview: Len Kasper

Photo courtesy Len Kasper The Top 20 HR series will resume tomorrow. Yesterday, I received the replies to the questions that all of us put to Cubs TV play-by-play announcer Len Kasper. You should...

BCB Interview: Mike Terson

On Friday, September 21, Cubs PA announcer Mike Terson stopped out in the bleachers to talk to me -- about his job, how he got to where he is, and a number of other subjects. I had meant to post...

NBC Sports Fantasy Fix

I gave a short interview to this online show this morning... the interview is posted here. They asked questions about Alfonso Soriano, Jason Marquis, Z, and more. Note: I have tried to open this...

An Interview With "Stiles Points"

Rick from the Ohio-based blog Stiles Points emailed me several Cub-related questions over the weekend; you can read my replies to them here. He also asked me how I feel about what seems to be the...

An Evening With Michael Barrett

Last night at Gino's East on E. Superior in Chicago, the Cubs' Michael Barrett took photographs with fans (as you see above) and signed autographs, and in addition, there was a silent auction of...

BCB Interview: Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll

I had a chance yesterday to run a few quick Cub-related questions by Will -- here are his responses: Q: Let's talk about Mark Prior's labrum surgery. Why do you think it took so long for them to do...

A Conversation About The Brewers With Al ...

... Al Bethke, that is, from the Brewers blog Al's Ramblings: AY: What is the single most important key for the Brewers in 2007 if they are to contend for a playoff spot? AB: I'd say the most...

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