MLB Essays

Hall Of Fame Changes Voting Procedures


Will it make any difference? (Hint: Probably not.)

Yu Darvish: MLB Teams Should Have 6-Man Rotations


The Rangers righthander has put forth an intriguing idea, based on what Japanese teams do.

Heroes and Goats: All-Star Edition


Mike Trout takes the unofficial BCB 2014 All-Star Superhero award with his two-hit, two-RBI performance in the 2014 All-Star Game.

All-Star Game Recap: Must-Not-See TV


There are good reasons why people are turning off the All-Star Game. Most of those reasons have the word "Fox" in them.

Still More Samardzija/Hammel Trade Analysis


Another calmed-down look at the blockbuster deal.

Russell, McKinney Join An Already Strong System


With this trade, the Cubs have the number one farm system in baseball.

Baseball Has Nothing To Fear From Soccer


With the World Cup grabbing the national headlines, some are using it as an excuse to predict the death of baseball. They're wrong.

International Free-Agent Season: This Time Around


In the final part of this series, here are a few guesses as to what might happen in early July internationally.

International Free-Agent Draft: Pros And Cons


This is a version of point-counterpoint on a topic few want to see happen: An international free agent draft.

MLB Games Are Getting Longer... And Longer...


There's new searchable information at So I did some searching.


International Free Agency, Part 1: The Rules


This is the first of what figures to be a three-part look at International Free Agency, looking at the present rules.

Memories Of Tony Gwynn


Let's have a look back at the baseball life of the Padres star, who died Monday at 54.

About The Pace Of Major League Baseball Games


All big-league parks have signs like these posted... but these rules appear to be widely ignored.

Should MLB Modify Pitching-Change Rules?


With games ever-lengthening and bullpens ever-enlarging, it's a question worth asking.

Tommy John Surgery: Why Is It Increasing?


The surgery named after the pitcher who first had it is happening more and more often. Why?

All-Star Voting: Why It Should End


Baseball fans have been voting for All-Star starters since 1970. They shouldn't, and here's why.

This Is Cubs Country


A New York Times interactive map of baseball fandom shows Cubs nation stretches across most of the middle of the country.

MLB Games Go Too Slow. Here's How To Speed Them Up


One simple change in baseball procedure could make games much faster.

Let's Talk About... MLB's TV Blackouts


Here's a topic on which we can all likely agree.

Closing Time: The Closer, Past And Future


With the closer spot in focus in the Cubs bullpen, here's an examination of how the modern closer came to exist.

Are 7-Inning Games Coming Soon?


An unnamed baseball executive proposes that baseball cut back to seven innings.


Phoenix Municipal Stadium: An Appreciation

This venerable ballpark has hosted spring-training games for 50 years. 2014 will be the last such season.

Doug Glanville On Jimmy Rollins And Ryne Sandberg


The always-thoughtful former Cub on the Rollins/Ryno tiff and its lessons.

MLB Team License Plate: Would You Get One?


It's still a while until the Cubs play again Friday, so let's have some fun.

Know Your Enemy: Chicago White Sox


The final entry in this series profiles the Cubs' crosstown rivals.

Know Your Enemy: Toronto Blue Jays


The Cubs head north of the border this year for the first time since 2008.

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