MLB Essays

MLB Games Go Too Slow. Here's How To Speed Them Up

One simple change in baseball procedure could make games much faster.

Let's Talk About... MLB's TV Blackouts

Here's a topic on which we can all likely agree.

Closing Time: The Closer, Past And Future

With the closer spot in focus in the Cubs bullpen, here's an examination of how the modern closer came to exist.

Are 7-Inning Games Coming Soon?

An unnamed baseball executive proposes that baseball cut back to seven innings.


Phoenix Municipal Stadium: An Appreciation

This venerable ballpark has hosted spring-training games for 50 years. 2014 will be the last such season.

Doug Glanville On Jimmy Rollins And Ryne Sandberg

The always-thoughtful former Cub on the Rollins/Ryno tiff and its lessons.

MLB Team License Plate: Would You Get One?

It's still a while until the Cubs play again Friday, so let's have some fun.

Know Your Enemy: Chicago White Sox

The final entry in this series profiles the Cubs' crosstown rivals.

Know Your Enemy: Toronto Blue Jays

The Cubs head north of the border this year for the first time since 2008.

Know Your Enemy: Tampa Bay Rays

The Cubs and Rays have made some recent trades, but have rarely played each other.


Know Your Enemy: New York Yankees

Cracks have appeared in the Yankee armor. Which direction will that take them?

Know Your Enemy: Boston Red Sox

What, you again?

Know Your Enemy: Baltimore Orioles

This series now moves on to the Cubs' interleague opponents.

Know Your Enemy: San Francisco Giants

Just which Giants team will we see this year?

Know Your Enemy: San Diego Padres

The Padres, like the Cubs, stood pretty much pat this past winter.

Know Your Enemy: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have become the Yankees, at least in terms of spending. Will it work?

Know Your Enemy: Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton is retired. Will this change what the Rockies are?

Know Your Enemy: Arizona Diamondbacks

Today, we begin our look at the Cubs' N.L. West opponents.

Know Your Enemy: Washington Nationals

The Nats are good. But are they good enough to return to the postseason?

Know Your Enemy: Philadelphia Phillies

Let's get one thing out of the way first, before we talk about this team.

Know Your Enemy: New York Mets

If you're of "a certain age," the Mets were a huge, hated rival. Now? Not so much.

Know Your Enemy: Miami Marlins

What'll it be this year, Jeffrey Loria?

Know Your Enemy: Atlanta Braves

Where are the Braves getting all this money?

Know Your Enemy: Pittsburgh Pirates

Was 2013 a one-off? Or the start of years of contention?

Cactus League Media Day

All of the Cactus League managers and general managers were at Chase Field Tuesday to meet the media.

Know Your Enemy: Cincinnati Reds

Or maybe THIS is the team you love to hate.

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