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MLB Bullets Knocks The Cover Off The Ball

Bryce Harper gets pulled for not running out a ground out. Carlos Gomez starts a fight after not running out a triple, in a manner of speaking. The Tigers don't have a SS. Mark Buehrle is off to a great start and someone hits the cover off the ball.

MLB Bullets Goes For The Kill Shot

Managers are shifting and pitcher are sinking, at least the ones that are still healthy. The Royals have no power. Mr. Met is lucky to be alive.

MLB Bullets Is Under Further Review

They're still working out the kinks on instant replay. The Diamondbacks are terrible, but they won't call up their top prospect. Yasiel Puig's exit from Cuba was scary. The Yankees have a new roommate and a minor league mascot gives me a nightmare

Let's Talk About... MLB's TV Blackouts

Here's a topic on which we can all likely agree.

MLB Bullets Made Milwaukee Famous

The Brewers are the best team in baseball right now. Really? Yes, really. The union is upset over comments about unsigned free agents. The Red Sox "low-balled" Jon Lester. Billy Hamilton is fast and watch Jeff Francouer get punked.

MLB Bullets Has Gone International

Teams are now signing and scouting kids in the Caribbean. Another pitcher is looking at TJ surgery, and the surgeon says it's not a coincidence. Jose Abreu is good. Mike Schmidt wants MLB to go all Star Trek and the Braves set a flag on fire.

MLB Bullets Honors A Legend

It was the anniversary of Henry Aaron's 715th home run, and that brought out a lot of talk about the home run record. Matt Moore is off to see the doctor. The Panda may be looking for a new home. Joey Votto fights crime on the Canadian prairie.

MLB Bullets Was Late To The Game

Yasiel Puig can't stay out of the headlines. The Pirates extend their manager and GM. Yu Darvish gets his 500th strikeout. Cleveland is still arguing about Chief Wahoo. David Letterman's history with baseball and a Mets fan asks Jesus a question.

MLB Bullets Is Spending Time With His Family

David Murphy takes paternity leave, and some people aren't happy about it. Some people take Chief Wahoo off their jersey, and some people aren't happy about it. Bill Plaschke can't watch the Dodgers. Jeffrey Loria wrote a book and David Ross does mov

MLB Bullets Salutes Fashion

The lessons learned from Opening Day. Don Baylor suffers the freakiest injury ever, but there were a lot of non-freaky injuries as well. The replay and home plate collision rules aren't working as well as they should.


MLB Bullets: It's Opening Day!

Mike Trout signs a contract extension that everyone thinks is a steal for the Angels, while everyone is still wondering what the Tigers were thinking of with Miguel Cabrera's extension. Yasiel Puig calls a team meeting. The Coliseum in Oakland is ove

2014 Major League Baseball Predictions

In which I go out on the usual limb to pick this year's order of finish and playoff results.

MLB, MLBPA Announce Joint Drug Agreement Changes

I think you can guess why this happened.


HoHoKam Park Construction Update

The former spring home of the Cubs is quickly being transformed for the Oakland A's.

MLB's Replay War Room Going Live Soon

Replay review has been tested at some spring-training games. Starting Sunday night, it'll be reality for all games.

MLB Bullets Just Hit The Jackpot

Miguel Cabrera signed a massive contract extension. Two new rules in baseball are ready to go. There's more handwringing over Yasiel Puig. The Royals may go all the way this season.

Cubs Rank 23rd In Player Payroll For 2014

The Cubs' payroll has been declining for several seasons.

MLB Bullets Turns Down The Music

The Rangers' playoff chances have taken a big hit because of injuries. The Cardinals have already won the NL Central, apparently. A look back at MLB in Australia. Two pitchers don't want to play for the Mariners and Shane Victorino misses his music.

MLB Bullets Says Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The major league season is underway and the Diamondbacks weren't much of an obstacle for the Dodgers down under. Some players turned down a lot of money and you shouldn't be upset. A singer finally achieves her life quest to be Royal.

MLB Bullets Says "Play Ball, Mate."

The issue of pitcher safety returns after Aroldis Chapman is hit by a line drive. The issue of pitcher injuries hasn't gone away either. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks go to Australia and Jimmy Rollins is going nowhere.

MLB Bullets Is Thinking About The Next Move

Pitchers are getting hurt, and that's bad for baseball. Australia is gearing up for baseball. Good first basemen have gone missing. Joe Posnanski looks at Cleveland's nickname.

MLB Bullets Has A Trip To The Doctor Planned

Lots of injuries as we approach the beginning of the season. Because of that, Stephen Drew may be closer to a job. The Phillies have bigger problems than Jimmy Rollins. The trip to Australia is fast approaching.

MLB Bullets Has No Comment

There's already a feud going on in Philadelphia, although it may be over already. Ervin Santana has found a home. The Athletics are still looking for one

MLB Network Adds 2 April Cubs Games

More opportunity to see the Cubs on TV if you live outside the WGN sphere of influence.

MLB Bullets Is A M*A*S*H Unit

The Braves pitching staff suffered two big blows in two days. Ervin Santana is getting closer to finding a home. Barry Bonds is back in baseball. Babe Ruth and John McGraw intended to strike a blow for diversity and one team may need a marriage couns

More On The Coming Sports TV Rights Bubble

Will there still be money for the Cubs when their entire TV package comes up in 2019?

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