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MLB Bullets Had A Breakdown In Negotiations


For only the third time in history, the first pick in the draft failed to sign. The Angels got their closer. Dan Uggla was released by the Braves. The trade rumors swirl. Colby Lewis makes up a new...

MLB Bullets Forgot That It Counts


There was an All-Star Game, Derek Jeter got a hit, and everyone is upset about that. Baseball failed to acknowledge Tony Gwynn's passing. The Astros draft pick negotiations are going down to the...

MLB Bullets Needs A Break


The All-Star Break is here, and it's a time to assess the season. Some teams are looking to make trades and others are just looking to get healthy.

MLB Bullets Needs A Doctor


The injury list is long. The Red Sox throw another former teammate under the bus. The trade market is still quiet. Yu Darvish's interpreter's life story is almost as interesting as Yu's. It's...

Anthony Rizzo Wins N.L. All-Star Final Vote


The Cubs will have another representative next week at Target Field.

MLB Bullets Is Au Naturel


The All-Star Game and its Discontents. The trade market is simmering. There's a problem with the top pick in the draft. A look at a forgotten league and Prince Fielder as you've always dreamed about.

MLB Bullets Is Leaving Arizona


There are some problems with replay. The Diamondbacks make a couple of minor deals. Johnny Damon wants to still play.

Alfonso Soriano DFA'd By Yankees


Thus probably ends a very interesting career.

MLB Bullets Gave Jenny A Call


It's the 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech; baseball remembers the Iron Horse. Alex Rodriguez was given permission to take a PED. 2 relievers meet in a restroom at O'Hare and Joe...

MLB Unveils All-Star Caps


Well, this is something new. And different. And actually cool, which is rare from Major League Baseball.


MLB Bullets Heard A Rumor


The Astros had their secrets all spilled out onto the internet. The trade winds are blowing. Bryce Harper criticizes his manager. You can smoke your way into the majors and a look back at Lou...

MLB Bullets Is An Idiot


No Red Sox/Yankees series can go by without controversy, even if they have to make one up. Boston is making a last-ditch effort to sign Jon Lester to a long-term deal. The Giants are collapsing...

MLB Bullets Is Still A Freak


Tim Lincecum throws a no-hitter. The trade market starts to heat up. Yu Darvish would rather go to the Mall of America than pitch. And the Astros will win the 2017 World Series.

MLB Bullets Won't Burst Your Bubble


David Price will be traded and Chase Utley will not. The Padres have a long rebuild ahead of them. Ian Kinsler waved to his former teammates. And one very old and one very young (and female)...

MLB Bullets Stays Classy, San Diego


There is change at the top in San Diego. The issue of smokeless tobacco is front and center. Alex Torres takes an extra precaution. The Blue Jays are at a crossroads and the Rays return to better...

MLB Bullets Blames Hanley Ramirez


Clayton Kershaw threw an almost perfect no-hitter. The Royals are partying like it's 1985. The Tigers and Giants are slipping. The Diamondbacks lead the majors in grittiness and losses. And...

MLB Bullets Says Goodbye


We remember the greatest hitter for average of his generation. The Royals are in first place, thanks in part to Justin Verlander's struggles. The Diamondbacks paid for trying to take justice into...

Hall Of Famer Tony Gwynn Dies At 54


One of the greatest hitters of his generation has passed away, far too young.

MLB Bullets Is Still In The Race


It mid-June, and everyone is still in the race. Well, almost everyone. The A's honor Derek Jeter, but they don't seem happy about it. Sandy Alderson has sound advice for fans. And Tony Gwynn Jr....

MLB Bullets Is Still At It After All These Years


We spend more time appreciating Cespedes' throw. Tim Hudson and Dallas Keuchel are among the best pitchers in baseball. The Nats are in first and the Cards aren't. And Mike Hessman is still hitting...

MLB Bullets Got Run Over By A Horse


The suspension for Manny Machado came down, but the debate still goes on strong. The Blue Jays are flying high, whereas the Red Sox, Yankees and Mets aren't happy with where they are. Neither is...

What Does Polanco's Recall Mean For Kris Bryant?


The Pirates are promoting their top prospect for Tuesday's game against the Cubs. Should the Cubs do the same, soon, with their top guy?

MLB Bullets Is For The Birds


Manny Machado says he was just trying out for the Olympic bat throwing team. Kendrys Morales has found a home, and it's Minneapolis. Softball shouldn't be "baseball for girls." And Nori Aoki had a...

MLB Bullets Says Misery Loves Company


The Cubs no longer have the worst record in baseball and it feels so good. Our comrades in misery, the Astros, are also moving up. A few thoughts on the draft and a look back at baseball in the...

Don Zimmer Passes Away At 83


Zimmer was a player for the Cubs in 1960 and 1961 and the manager from 1989 to 1991.

MLB Bullets Feels Like 10 Million Bucks


Jon Singleton signs a long-term extension and is promoted to the majors. The Rangers miserable season just gets worse. The Rays aren't much better. The Phillies aren't a big league team and a quick...

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