MLB News

MLB Bullets Wants To Be Immortalized


More former Yankees are immortalized, and they don't just let anyone into that club. Or do they? The Rockies and Nolan Arenado continue to roll. The Blue Jays are good, and that has some people...

MLB Bullets Asks If The Captain Is Sinking


Derek Jeter is struggling in his final season. The entire Braves offense is struggling. Several prospects are waiting for the callup. An umpire makes himself the show and instant replay is going...

MLB Bullets Is High On The Rockies


The Rockies are flying high in the NL West, and it has nothing to do with any new laws. The NL East is anyone's game. Ned Yost may be the worst manager in the game and Tommy John is selling...

MLB Bullets Wants Special Treatment


The Rays swept a doubleheader at Fenway that they didn't want to play. The Braves and A's are thriving despite injuries. Some big pitchers are close to returning. Just call Gio Gonzalez "Cupid."

MLB Bullets Expects To Get Booed


Robinson Cano returned to the Bronx. Bryce Harper had surgery, as did several other players. The Brewers are for real, unless they're not. Adam Dunn wins the Nice Guy of the Week award.

MLB Bullets Has Been to The Optometrist


MLB makes one rules adjustment and will revisit two more in the off-season. B.J. Upton starts to hit after he starts wearing glasses. How to scuff a ball. The White Sox are having a lot of success...

MLB Bullets Has Found Something Sticky


Michael Pineda has been suspended for using pine tar, and most people say "How can you be so stupid as to get caught?" The oldest living MLB player has passed away. The Diamondbacks are still in...

MLB Bullets Is Batting 500


Albert Pujols hit home run number 500. Jacoby Ellsbury returned to Boston and Mark Teixeira returned to the Yankees. Tommy John claims another pitcher. The Red Sox are sleeping their way to a...

MLB Bullets Knocks The Cover Off The Ball


Bryce Harper gets pulled for not running out a ground out. Carlos Gomez starts a fight after not running out a triple, in a manner of speaking. The Tigers don't have a SS. Mark Buehrle is off to a...

MLB Bullets Goes For The Kill Shot


Managers are shifting and pitcher are sinking, at least the ones that are still healthy. The Royals have no power. Mr. Met is lucky to be alive.

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