Movie Reviews

Movie Review: "Invincible"


Man, they had some seriously bad hairstyles in the 1970's. I'm just as guilty as the rest of them, incidentally -- I had shoulder-length hair and a fu-manchu mustache back then, just like some of...

Movie Review: "Little Miss Sunshine"


Now, THIS is a movie with some seriously messed-up characters. Greg Kinnear is a motivational speaker who's got great ideas -- but speaks in front of bored groups of a dozen or so, and his dream...

Movie Review: "Superman Returns", And Saturday Game Recap


Even Superman couldn't help THIS team. Having seen about enough of losing, I decided to take Mark to see "Superman Returns" this afternoon. Could Superman have helped Sean Marshall not suffer his...

Movie Review: "She's The Man"


i am SO freaked out tonight well cause this girl, well she was a girl but wasn't a girl, she was dressed as a guy to try to make the soccer team and she wound up being, like, roommates with this O...

Movie Review: "Glory Road"


This past weekend is the one I call "Sports Interregnum Weekend". The NFL is on its silly extra-week-break before the Super Bowl. And speaking of that hype, check out this silly statement by John...

Movie Review: "King Kong"


As a member of the Directors Guild of America I sometimes get a chance to screen movies before their general release. Such was the occasion Sunday night, so I took my favorite 10-year-old (who had...

Movie Review: "March Of The Penguins"


Any time you think your life is tough, or you want to complain, or you think Jim Hendry isn't doing enough to improve the Cubs, consider the life cycle of the emperor penguin, profiled gorgeously...

Movie Review: "Walk The Line"


Time for another non-baseball diversion on a quiet, cloudy, November and Novembrish (weather-wise) Sunday... Can you say "Oscar nominations"? That's what Walk The Line is going to get, lots of...

Movie Review: "The Weather Man"


Warning: do NOT see this movie if you've had a bad day! Man, these characters are all seriously fucked up. And I use that profane word not for shock value, but because it becomes a main plot point. ...

Movie Review + Open Thread: Cubs vs. Brewers, Thursday 6/23


This is normally when I'd write up something about the previous day's game, offer my thoughts on what I'd seen or heard, and then later in the day, post the open thread for the game. Since today's...

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