Chicago Cubs Recaps

Yankees 2, Cubs 0: Apologies To Ernest L. Thayer

The Cubs' visit to the Bronx can be summed up only by making mayhem on the form of a famous baseball poem.

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Cubs

In 1984, the Chicago Cubs captured the hearts and minds of Chicago sports fans. Even though they fell short of winning the World Series, the team left an indelible mark on a generation of Cubs fans who remember hearing Van Halen's "Jump" open WGN telecasts.

Yankees 3, Cubs 0: Yes, Tanaka Is That Good

You didn't really expect a different result, did you?

Cardinals 6, Cubs 4: Edwin Jackson Makes Me Crazy

And we have nearly three more years of him to suffer through.

Cardinals 10, Cubs 4: Back To The Drawing Board

Jake Arrieta is expected back in the Cubs' rotation soon. Not a moment too soon, I'd say.

Cubs 6, Cardinals 3: Welington!

The Cubs got an extra-inning home run on the road and won. That hadn't happened in almost a year.

Pirates 5, Cubs 4: A Tale Of 2 Games

The Cubs played well for four innings... then stopped hitting, while the bullpen coughed up a four-run lead.

Cubs 7, Pirates 5: Another Little Bit Of History

The Cubs gave up a lot of home runs Wednesday night, but won anyway.

Pirates 7, Cubs 6: A Good Effort

The Cubs came from behind twice Tuesday night, but fell to defeat anyway.

Cubs 8, Phillies 3: The Complaint Dep't Is Closed

The Cubs played their best game of 2014. (Low bar to hurdle, I'd say.)


Phillies 2, Cubs 0: A Bit Of History

What happened Saturday at Wrigley Field hasn't happened often in Cubs history.

Cubs 3, Pirates 2: Junior's Wardrobe Malfunction

The Cubs won their first game of 2014... and Junior Lake needs help getting dressed.

Pirates 4, Cubs 3: Same Story, Only Longer

The Cubs finally scored runs in 2014... but lost a marathon.

Pirates 1, Cubs 0: You've Heard This One Before

The first game of 2014 sounded a lot like many games in 2013.

Cubs 9, Diamondbacks 8: A Little Bit Of Everything

This one was a lot of fun.

Cubs 3, Diamondbacks 1: A Big-League Win

The Cubs' first 2014 tune-up in a big-league park was a big success.

Cubs 4, White Sox 3: One Final Tuneup

The Cubs won just five of the 15 games played at Cubs Park this year, but they finished the finale in style.

D'backs 14, Cubs 4: Blowing In The Wind

The Cubs got blown out... literally.

Cubs 5, Padres 5: Almost Predictable

It was a long day for the Cubs, and they wound up not winning either game... but not losing two!

Angels 8, Cubs 4: Eight Good Innings, Then...

This wouldn't matter, except a key member of the bullpen got pounded Tuesday afternoon.

Padres 7, Cubs 1: Lights Out

We don't want to see the Cubs play many games like Monday night's in 2014. Unfortunately, we're probably not going to get our wish.

Cubs 10, Athletics 6: Junior! Junior! Junior!

The Cubs powered six home runs out of Phoenix Municipal Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Reds 8, Cubs 3: A Jumbo-Size Loss

This recap is big. How big? Gather around for a large story.

Cubs 7, White Sox 0: Luis! Luis!

The Cubs won, and now we simply hope that Javier Baez isn't seriously injured. Also, Travis Wood news.

Mariners 3, Cubs 0: Junior's Farm

The Cubs got shut out Thursday, That sentence, sadly, will probably be written quite often this season.

Rockies 9, Cubs 6: Rick Renteria's No-Review Show

If Major League Baseball gives you, the manager, a way to potentially reverse a call, why wouldn't you use it?

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