Chicago Cubs Recaps

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 124


Anthony Rizzo blasts his 28th homer of the year to right field to pick up the Monday Matinee Superhero at Citi Field.

Cubs 4, Mets 1: Kyle Hendricks Shines Again


The Cubs rookie righthander could get some Rookie of the Year votes if he keeps this up.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 123


Despite the tie-breaking homer in the ninth, Starlin Castro comes up short in the race for the Superhero award thanks to the dazzling performance of Jake Arrieta on the mound.

Cubs 2, Mets 1: Baez Walks (And Arrieta Dominates)


Ball one, ball two, ball three, ball four. It happened! The Cubs' top righthander had another excellent outing, and Starlin Castro saved the day.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 122


Dan Straily takes the top spot on the Goat podium with his Cub debut on Saturday night.

Mets 7, Cubs 3: Audition


See you in September, Dan.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 121


The first three innings for Travis Wood were really good. Then came the fourth.

Mets 3, Cubs 2: One Bad Pitch


You could have turned this one off after the fourth inning and not really missed anything.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 120


Edwin Jackson started. Not much else needs to be said.

Brewers 6, Cubs 2: A Whiff And Air Show


While the Cubs were striking out in huge numbers, a more entertaining show went on in the air above Wrigley Field.


Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 119


Tsuyoshi Wada follows up the strong performance by Kyle Hendricks on Tuesday night with one of his own on Wednesday night.

Cubs 4, Brewers 2: Wada Performance!


In addition to great pitching, the Cubs won this one in large part because of two players who will be a big part of the team's return to respectability and contention.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 118


Kyle Hendricks just keeps on rolling along, racking up his fifth straight quality start and his fourth Superhero award in five starts.

Cubs 3, Brewers 0: Masterpiece


Now THAT is the way I'd like to see the game played every day!

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 117


On a night with few opportunities to make anything happen, all it takes is one hit to take the top of the Hero podium. And the hit doesn't even have to leave the yard.

Brewers 3, Cubs 1: Throwback


The game wasn't a throwback; that was Sunday. Something else was thrown back Monday evening at Wrigley that made news.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Games 114-116


After a hiatus of a month and a half, Travis Wood finally finds his way back to the top of the Hero podium with his performance on Sunday afternoon.

Cubs 3, Rays 2: Walkoff!


That was entertaining and a satisfying win, and you can't ask for much more from a single baseball game.

Rays 4, Cubs 0: Snoozefest


This dull game didn't have much to recommend it. However, here is a recap anyway.

Rays 4, Cubs 3: Remember, It's Not Always Easy


There are likely going to be a lot of Javier Baez games like this.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 113


Kyle Hendricks takes the top spot with his eight-inning win, but Javier Baez puts himself in rare company with his outing on Thursday.

Cubs 6, Rockies 2: The Hendricks And Baez Show


The Cubs haven't done this well on the road in more than a year.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 112


Needless to say, Jake Arrieta's first visit to Coors Field didn't go all that well.

Rockies 13, Cubs 4: One Of Those Coors Field Games


Even with the humidor making the baseballs in Denver less lively, there are still games like this.

Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 111


And the winner of the Superhero award for Tuesday night is... not Javier Baez? Is that allowed?

Cubs 6, Rockies 5: The Javier Baez Show


Now THAT was a major-league debut.

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