2007 Wrigley Resodding Project

Wrigley Resodding Project - Sunday 11/18 Update


Play ball! I have also put all the front-page stories on the project in their own BCB section, which you can find on the left sidebar. I also posted 12 other diaries with resodding project...

Wrigley Resodding Project - Saturday 11/17 Update


On my other visits the ballpark this week, I was the only person there taking photos. Today, a small crowd of about a dozen people gathered near the knothole to watch the final few rolls of sod...

A Visit To The Resodding Project


It's barely 40 degrees in Chicago today, but with the new field at Wrigley nearly done, I decided to take another visit there. I went up to the knothole to take a couple of photos as I did on...

Thursday 11/15 Headlines and Wrigley Resodding Project Update


Before I post photos from this morning, a couple of things of interest on an otherwise slow day: The photo editor at the Daily Herald emailed me (thanks, Bruce Miles, for the plug!) and asked if...

Wrigley Resodding Project - Up Close And Personal, 11/14


With the sod actually being laid today, I thought it was time to go to the ballpark and have a look at what's going on there. The "knothole" is open, obviously to give the workers access, and as...

Wrigley Resodding Project - Wednesday 11/14 Update


Sod! (8:15 am CT, Wednesday)

Wrigley Resodding Project - Tuesday 11/13 Update


It's unbelievable how lucky they've been with the weather for this project. Today and tomorrow, in fact, are forecast to be nice enough that if the field wasn't still all dirt, it would be pleasant...

Wrigley Resodding Project - Saturday 11/10 Update


I'm no expert in these matters, but it sure looks from these photos -- taken from the webcams at 10:45 am CT on Saturday -- that the sod could be laid in starting sometime next week.

Thursday Morning Headlines and Wrigley Resodding Update - 11/1


That's a bit of a misnomer. These aren't today's headlines -- in fact, there really isn't any important breaking news today. Before I present a few things you might have missed over the last week...

Tuesday Morning Miscellaneous


Yawn. No baseball again today. If MLB wanted to concoct a scheme to destroy interest in the postseason, they couldn't have done better than the 2007 schedule, with all its off days. Phil Rogers is...

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