Statistical Analysis

Statistical Profile: Cubs Starter Edwin Jackson


A look at the numbers behind tonight's Cubs starting pitcher.

Introducing Scott Feldman


A statistical look at the newest Cubs righthander, Scott Feldman.

Introducing Scott Baker


A look at the newest Cub -- Scott Baker -- and what we can expect from him in 2013.

Where's Waldo and Where We are Now: Current and Projected Standings


The Cubs record has been bad thus far in 2011. Is this because they stink, or just because a black cat has once again crossed their path?

An Outside the Box Solution to the Bullpen Problem


An idea to solve the bullpen woes, get Cashner MLB innings, and solve global warming! OK, maybe not the last part.

Is Carlos Silva's Start For Real? A Discussion About Discussing Statistical Analysis


A BCB dialogue about reducing snark in talking stats.

Learning from past mistakes: who should move to the bullpen?


A few weeks ago, I posted a story on how to calculate WAR for pitchers. Now, I'm going use the move of Z to the bullpen to show how to employ pitching WAR. Heading into the season, Zambrano was...

Gears of War III: Evaluating Pitching


A brief overview of how to calculate WAR (wins above replacement) for pitchers.

Gears of WAR, Part II: One Stat to Rule Them All


An overview of the usefulness of WAR, from a Cubbie perspective.

Gears of WAR, Part I: Linear Weights


This is an introduction to linear weights and is the first post in a many-part series on how WAR is calculated.


Dramatic Moves to Restructure the Cubs


There's a rumor out there the Cubs are going to trade Zambrano for Luis Castillo, Fernando Martinez, and a AA prospect. We run with it and see what else the Cubs could do this offseason.

Building a spreadsheet champion, 2010


An offseason plan for the 2010 Chicago Cubs.

Where the Wild Things Are - A Story in Pictures


This post looks in detail at Carlos Marmol's control issues over the last 3 seasons, with a look forward to 2010.

On Baseball, The Scientific Method, And Adam Dunn


This is a post on baseball, the scientific method, the sabrmetric community, and the evaluation of Adam Dunn.

Why Am I Here?


This post is a bit of an extended introduction, and its title is a nod to this thread, where Al asked the question: "Why are we Cubs fans?" I'm going to expand on this question a bit to also let...

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