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Aramis Ramirez wants to stay with Cubs


Everyone that says to trade Aramis might as well put this to bed now.

Giants interested in Mets' Reyes, could David Wright be shopped also?


Rumors are flying about the Giants having interest in Jose Reyes, but something that might be more relevant for the Cubs -- are the Mets interested in trading David Wright? Wright, who is 28, might become too pricey for the Mets and the Cubs could have a need at 3B if Ramirez is not back in 2012. Something to think about, at least.

Milwaukee enjoying Casey McGehee’s play, to the Cubs dismay


Article analyzing the production of Brewers’ 3B Casey McGehee, as compared to Cubs’ 3B Aramis Ramirez, since the Cubs chose to waive McGehee after the 2008 season.

Looking for the Walkoff Call From Hughes/Santo


Well, I think we can all agree that Rami walking off last night was definitely the highlight of the season so far. I know the Cubs website probably has Len and Bob's call but I would love to hear Pat Hughes call on the play. I was in a bar (go figure) and couldn't hear either. Maybe you BCB'rs can help me out. Or maybe you could just tell me how he called it. Like; Ramirez smacks a drive deep left field this ball's got a chaaaaaaaaaance GONE!


Who is your starting 9?

Since the Cubs have a few days off, in honor of the All-Star game, if you had your pick of anyone in the league, who would be your starting 9? Mine is: 1. Ichiro Suzuki RF 2. Chase Utley...


Top 5 Cubs Games of April '09

Which game stands out to you the most?  Was it Soriano's game winning homer in Milwaukee?  Or was it Reed Johnson's "The Catch II" to sit Prince Fielder down?  Was it Ted Lilly's second 1-hit...


2009 WBC, its FANtastic

I admit I was one of those who was against the WBC, bashing it as nothing more than a glorified All Star game, boasting that there was no reason to watch it, except for the mere fact that we all...

The Correct Response: Cubs 9, Nationals 2

Once again, leave it to Mike to sum up today's 9-2 Cubs win over the Nationals with a pithy phrase, the one you see as the title of this post. That's exactly the right statement, and the Cubs...

Aramis! - Cubs 3, Giants 1

It just doesn't get much better than this. (Well, actually, it could, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves). Today's weather forecast was for hot, humid conditions with the wind...

A Harden Day's Night: Cubs 7, Reds 3

The Cubs beat the Reds 7-3 last night, but I know all any Cubs fan wants to discuss this morning is the Cubs' acquisition of Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A's, which was announced a couple...

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