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Fangraphs: What The Cubs Must Do


I like how this author has the balls to suggest that the Cubs trade Carlos Marmol. It's an awesome idea, only if the Cubs are able to get a huge prospect in return. "Like Carlos Zambrano, I have reached my boiling point with the Cubs organization. There have been worse seasons than this one, but rarely has one seemed this disappointing."

If you vote for any Cub offensively for All-Star game...


In my opinion we should vote for Marlon Byrd. Not only has he been a pleasure to watch with his unselfish attitude and leadership.. he has been a our best hitter. Even though WAR shouldn't be taken too seriously so far this year, he has been a 3.0 Win Above Replacement, and worth well over his contract value (12 million). He's also been above average defensively.

Carlos Marmol's Injury Is Minor


An article on chicagotribune.com says that Marmols knee injury is a grade 1 sprain and he could return in 4-5 days.

Reedapalooza: Cubs 8, Pirates 5

Before we celebrate today's exciting 8-5 Cubs comeback win over the Pirates (and yes, I call it "comeback" because they seemed to have it well in hand at 5-2 before a bullpen failure in the 8th...

This Time It REALLY Counts: Cubs 6, Brewers 4

If last night's 6-4 Cubs win over the Brewers had been a postseason game, it would have become legendary. The game had so many memorable elements -- three lead changes, power galore from the...

Finally! - Cubs 6, Marlins 3

Before last night, the last time the Cubs beat the Florida Marlins -- anywhere -- was April 25, 2006, when that sorry team was actually five games over .500 at 12-7 and Michael Restovich (remember...

The Marshall Plan: Cubs 8, Giants 7

Man, where do I even start? Here: if using Carlos Marmol in the 9th inning today was Lou's way of "experimenting" with him, trying him out, letting him throw in a game the Cubs seemed to have...

Near Masterpiece: Cubs 5, Reds 1

Two plays. One ball hit by Jeff Keppinger that Aramis Ramirez couldn't handle, and which went under his glove for a first-inning error. And another, one bad pitch from Carlos Zambrano to Adam...

Glass Half Full: Cubs 3, Giants 8

BCB Quiz: What do you see in the picture? a) A glass half empty b) A glass half full c) When is it going to spill? That's an old Cub fan joke, and maybe it isn't that funny, especially...

Reinforcements: Cubs 6, Giants 5

Thank heavens, injured and absent Cubs will begin to return today. Aramis Ramirez, in the Dominican Republic the last three days for the birth of a child, will return in time for today's...

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