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Playoff Tuneup: Cubs 9, Mets 6

Even when Z pitches poorly, they win. Even when middle relief fails, they win. I LOVE THIS TEAM! Nearly four hours after last night's game began, Derrek Lee dinked a little popup down the...

Bleah: Cubs 6, Cardinals 12

Well, the weather was nice. That's about all there is to say about today's goofy 12-6 Cubs loss to the Cardinals. If you split the game into two halves, the Cubs lost the first 4 1/2 11-0, but...

History! Cubs' Z No-Hits Astros, 5-0

MILWAUKEE -- It starts with recognition. Early in the game, by the second inning, you note to yourself, "Hmmm. Z's got really good stuff today. If everything breaks his way..." It continues...

Banishing Echoes: Cubs 3, Reds 2

On September 30, 2004, as the wild-card contending Cubs were melting down, they had to, absolutely had to, beat the Reds at Wrigley Field to keep any sort of postseason hopes alive (after having...

Some Days You Eat The Bear: Cubs 3, Cardinals 12

... and some days, it isn't even worth coming to work. Henry Blanco was the last batter both yesterday and today -- with very different results and impact. Yesterday he won the game. Today, he...

Reedapalooza: Cubs 8, Pirates 5

Before we celebrate today's exciting 8-5 Cubs comeback win over the Pirates (and yes, I call it "comeback" because they seemed to have it well in hand at 5-2 before a bullpen failure in the 8th...

Finally! - Cubs 6, Marlins 3

Before last night, the last time the Cubs beat the Florida Marlins -- anywhere -- was April 25, 2006, when that sorry team was actually five games over .500 at 12-7 and Michael Restovich (remember...

Near Masterpiece: Cubs 5, Reds 1

Two plays. One ball hit by Jeff Keppinger that Aramis Ramirez couldn't handle, and which went under his glove for a first-inning error. And another, one bad pitch from Carlos Zambrano to Adam...

Sweet! -- Cubs 2, Cardinals 1

It was really considerate of the city of St. Louis to shoot off fireworks for the Cubs' 2-1 win over the Cardinals, wasn't it? Just as Kerry Wood was finishing off the victory, the grand finale of...

Uh-Oh: Cubs 4, Rays 5

The Cubs lost 5-4 to the Rays in St. Petersburg, Florida, last night, their second loss in a row to the suddenly-powerful team from Tampa Bay. I know, I know, that's not what you want to talk...

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