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Steve Garvey almost was a Cub?


If you click on the link, it takes you to an archived newspaper article from late 1982 where the Chicago Cubs pursued then-free agent first-baseman Steve Garvey. Apparently, Bill Buckner would have reluctantly moved to left-field to make room for Garvey. Oh, how history would have changed, though! Personally, I respected Steve Garvey as a baseball player and think a case could be made for him going into the Hall of Fame. However, I have no respect for him as a human being. And I still get angry when I think about that homerun he hit off Lee Smith with that image of him raising his fist in the air.

Jair Jurrjens on the Block


Should the Cubs make a play to trade for Jurrjens? Is he too big of an injury risk? If they do trade for Jurrjens, who do the Cubs give up in return? I believe the Cubs should try to trade for him. We definitely need the pitching, but I'm not sure what pieces would be required to get him.

Theo Epstein new GM?


Bob Nightengale reports Theo Epstein is being looked at by Tom Ricketts. Twitter

Bleacher Bums (the WTTW rebroadcast from 1984)


In honor of opening day, FuzzyMemories.tv has posted up the WTTW broadcast of the classic play Bleacher Bums. It is in 9 parts (plus the intorduction) on their site. For those who do not know about Fuzzy Memories....It is an online museum of Chicago Television history. It is a great site to relive your childhood at.

Zack Greinke Available?


Jim Hendry congratulations, here is your saving grace... trade whatever you have to in order to get Greinke... I say Zamabrano, Fukudome would be a nice start. Thoughts?

Chicago Sun-Times: Cubs scouting Mets prospects


"The Cubs, sources say, have been doing their homework on three key Mets prospects -- left-hander Robert Carson and right-handers Kyle Allen and Jeurys Familia. " If we got those 3 pitchers, i'd be really happy. Familia would be the centerpiece prospect, but all 3 are pretty highly ranked in the Mets system. I believe #9, #13, #23. What do you guys think?

Bleed Cubbie Blue Fantasy Football 2010


BCB Fantasy Football is back for a third year! Managers who were in last year's league have been invited back. If you too would like to join, please make sure: 1) You are a member of BCB 2) You will be online on September 2 at 7 PM for an auction draft (Cubs off day) 3) You will set and maintain a lineup at least once a week In case the link doesn't work, the league ID is: 13157 and the password is: santo Good luck!

The B-Squared Show, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. CST


I don't make a habit of pimping others' work, but this is worthy of being posted here. This is a fantastic daily show dedicated to the Cubs. Hosted by Brian Bedo and Jordan Bernfield, it features live interviews with Cubs and MLB journalists, in-depth analysis of the Cubs and their opponents, as well as quality coverage of the Cubs' minor league affiliates. It airs live at the link above Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 12 Noon (CST.) 773-831-4663 is the call-in number. Give 'em a listen, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Colvin on possibly making Opening Day roster


"My thoughts are I want to help this team any way I can," Colvin said. "If it's coming off the bench and getting a hit there or starting periodically throughout the week, that's great." Complete article behind the link. I'm rooting for this kid.

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