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Jason Marquis Signs One-Year Deal With the Twins


Marquis has signed a one-year deal with the Twins for 3 million. Hope he has some better luck there than he did with us

Thursday Rockpile: Jason Marquis dominates minor leaguers


At least we know that Jason Marquis will perform adequately should the need arise for a rehab stint in Colorado Springs after he led the Rockies to a 5-0 victory in yesterday's B-squad game ...

Trading Jasons - Jason Hirsh part of Cubs deal?


According to Chicago Cubs online, an XM satellite radio show mentioned that Hirsh and another Rockies player could be involved in a potential trade with the Cubs. This wouldn't make much sense unless the Cubs were eating considerably more than half of Marquis' salary for 2009 given his projected value, but Hirsh is out of minor league options and the rotation situation is already crowded for the Rockies.

Friday Rockpile: The Marquis of Sod


According to a Tracy Ringolsby post this morning, the Rockies are getting outgunned in their pursuit of a pitcher that they want, Tim Redding, so rather than competing with other teams in the...

Friday Rockpile: Atkins staying put; 9th starter Redding or Marquis


Tracy Ringolsby reports that the Rockies are hanging onto Garrett Atkins not only as Todd Helton insurance, but also for a second reason that I hadn't previously associated with our incumbent third...

The San Francisco Giants and Rumor-Monging


Should the San Francisco Giants trade for Jason Marquis?

Marquis Madness: Cubs 9, Mets 5

It's kind of weird, this week's worth of "meaningless" games. For one thing, they're not completely meaningless -- the Cubs are facing teams they could possibly face in October, so this gives them...

Marquis Mark: Cubs 2, Pirates 0

Stop what you're doing right now and look around you, remember where you are, what you are doing, because this is an historic day in Cubs history. You'd have to be over 70 years old (and there...

Derailed: Cubs 5, Nationals 13

Here's the best way to sum up today's 13-5 Cub loss to the Nationals: it should have kept raining, which it was for about an hour between 12 and 1 this afternoon, delaying the start of the game to...

Sixty-Nine: Cubs 11, Astros 4

What, you thought that was some kind of sex reference? On this site? Sixty-nine is, of course, the number of wins the Cubs have after today's outstanding 11-4 Cubs win over the Astros, the last...

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