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Good Riddance Hendry. Quade, You Can Stay. Cubs 2012 Outlook.


I would love to see the Cubs get a high-profile GM like Epstein or Cashman. Not sure if Freidman is a good fit. I think he'd lose his mind not working on a strict budget. Haha!

Wilken will NOT leave with Hendry


As many of us suspected, the "Wilken will leave if we fire Hendry" meme was a lot of hot air and baseless speculation. Does Wilken still want to see it through and watch his draft picks grow up and form the core of a contender? "Hell yeah," Wilken said. "Without a doubt. That was my goal when I came here. Jim hired me, but I work for the Chicago Cubs." That settles that. It will, of course, be up to the new GM. But (edit) Ricketts will recommend that they keep Wilken on, and he's hoping to stay.

Ignominious Departures Of The Hendry Era


This feels a bit more like a pattern and less like bad luck. So Al's not backing Hendry anymore; does just leave the Ricketts in his corner?

Cubs 2014 OF?


Didn't see this posted anywhere else... please delete if duplicate. The Matt Szczur signing isn't new, but I thought the quote from Sully's article from Matt about the Cubs' 2014 OF was worth pulling out and looking at. Szczur said Cubs general manager Jim Hendry told him he wanted to see him as the starting center fielder in 2014, with Brett Jackson in left and Tyler Colvin in right. "For him to say that, I totally believed him," he said. "He wasn't beating around the bush. That helps out a lot." At least three things stuck out to me about this quote. First, I'm a little curious what Soriano thinks about this, since 2014 is the last year of his contract. Second... why would Jackson go to left and Colvin to right when Brett is widely seen as the superior defender (and Colvin's defense has been questioned, in general)? Third... Hendry seems to definitely believe Colvin has staying power. I think we all assumed this, but to (apparently) be that specific to Szczur reinforces this. Lastly, the 2014 comment suggests they will start reasonably slowly with Szczur's development. Perhaps A/A+ ('11), A+/AA ('12), AA/AAA ('13) is the projected arc. And, yes, for all of these points I fully realize that Hendry isn't absolutely banking on Szczur and a lot can happen between now and 2014. It also may be a bunch of lip service to get Szczur to sign. I dunno... but it is January, so I found it interesting and worth discussing. (Apologies... I tried to put the quote from the article in a block quote and thought I was doing it right, but clearly am not. Same with the page break.)

Fake Press Release Circulated at Miller Park


Included in the game day press notes was a fake press release ripping Jim Hendry. The release touted a so called book written by Jim Hendry titled "How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League." It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Definitely humor in this but pretty unprofessional coming from another major league team.

Perhaps the Cubs Could Focus on Defense this Offseason?


Just thought I'd pass this on. Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs has an excellent blurb on the success of the Seattle Mariners this season in upgrading their defensive UZR rating, and in turn, improving their overall team success. They did this without spending much in the offseason. Perhaps there are internal defensive options to consider before setting our rosters next season, or as we consider swapping contracts with someone for Bradley. I wonder if there are a few upcoming free agents that we could offer 1 year or minor league contracts to. Anyway... random defensive-minded thoughts.

Jim Hendry's Visit To Iowa...


... and other off-day miscellany, as reported by Bruce Miles. Iowa won this afternoon, but I'll let Josh report that later in the minor league wrap.

Hendry Interviewed by Gene Wojciechowski


I just thought it was an interesting interview.

GRod christened "Jim Hendry Way" long before indictment


This story was mentioned in passing in a KOWpost recently, but here's a bit of clarification courtesy of Yahoo!'s David Brown. Turns out, Blago decreed a street in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge be named after Jim Hendry well before the Feds dropped the hammer on him and, perhaps more surprisingly, very soon after the Cubs brief and excruciating '08 postseason appearance.

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