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Kicker Mauro Bondi Commits To Nebraska


Nebraska picked up a couple recruits over the weekend, including a replacement for kicker Alex Henery.

"I feel like it's the f--king 80s again"


Last night I was sitting at the bar of a local restaurant, waiting to pick up the gf and hang out with her. I wasn't paying attention to the TV set and was instead fiddling around with my cell...

Return of the Son of the Revisitation of the Myth of the RBI Guy: Careers Overrated by RBI Totals


Who are the most overrated and underrated RBI Guys of the last 50+ years? A list and discussion of players most overrated by their RBI numbers.

Tonight I'm Going to Rock You (Tonight): The Myth of the RBI Guy, Part Two


In Part Two of this series, (part one is here), I revisit the issue of the "RBI Guy" using FanGraphs' RE24 stat, and hopefully don't mess it up too badly. Basically, I explain and discuss RE24 to the best of my ability to see if it helps or hurts the case of some guys having the ability to drive runners in, an ability that might escape the grasp of traditional linear weights.

Revisiting the Myth of the RBI Guy (Revisited), Part Two: Situational Hitting and RE24


Part two (of two) in a series looking at how bad a hitter can be and still accumulate RBI. This installation uses and explains FanGraphs' RE24 stat to discuss the impact of "situational hitting."

Revisiting the Myth of the RBI Guy, Part One


Most serious baseball fans know that RBi are overrated as a measure of offensive performance. But surely players with high RBI numbers need some special skill, right? In Part One of this two-part...

49ers Year-by-Year: 1984


A brief historical recap of the San Francisco 49ers' 1984 season.

10 reasons to hate the...Toronto Blue Jays


1. Having to Stand for 2 National Anthems2. Joe %&@# ing CarterWhen I was about 9 or 10 I adopted the Phillies as my favorite NL team. Maybe it was the mullets or maybe it was just metaphysics...

A Harden Day's Night: Cubs 7, Reds 3

The Cubs beat the Reds 7-3 last night, but I know all any Cubs fan wants to discuss this morning is the Cubs' acquisition of Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A's, which was announced a couple...

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