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Fangraphs: What The Cubs Must Do


I like how this author has the balls to suggest that the Cubs trade Carlos Marmol. It's an awesome idea, only if the Cubs are able to get a huge prospect in return. "Like Carlos Zambrano, I have reached my boiling point with the Cubs organization. There have been worse seasons than this one, but rarely has one seemed this disappointing."

What The Fukudome Is Going On ?


Small article about Fukudome's early starts and downward trends.

Japanese team used Dice-K's posting fee for plush potties


Since things have gotten a little heated on the site the last couple of days, I thought everyone could use a good laugh. Apparently, the Seibu Lions used much of the $51 million posting fee they received from the Red Sox to improve their stadium, once one of the worst in Japan. Now they have some of the nicest bathrooms in the country and apparently that is important in Japan. Wonder what they think of the bathrooms at Wrigley when Japanese tourists come to see Fukudome? Say, to raise money to renovate Wrigley, who do you propose the Cubs "post" to a Japanese team?

Link Chowder 9/26


Serving up the best links of the week from all across the newfangled interwebs:The Sarah Palin Disney movie trailer [College Humor found via Puck Daddy]A case of well-intentioned but misguided...

And Now, We Wait: Cubs 3, Cardinals 2

The Cubs have now played four straight one-run games. Last night's heartstoppingly exciting 3-2 win over the Cardinals evened their one-run game record at 21-21, gave them their first series win in...

Worth The Harden Effort: Cubs 6, Nationals 1

While Rich Harden was mowing down the Nats seemingly without effort this afternoon, the happiest Cubs player had to be Kosuke Fukudome, who hit a two-run, pinch-hit HR, his first since July 31 in...

A Going-Away Present: Cubs 9, Marlins 2

The Cubs beat the Marlins 9-2 this afternoon, winning the series (their sixth straight series win), the season series from the Marlins 4-3, and said goodbye to south Florida for 2008 (Note to Mets...

Success: Cubs 6, Cardinals 2

The Cubs finished up yet another successful homestand with a convincing 6-2 win over the Cardinals last night; they won their fourth straight series and starting with the last game of the Marlins...

SWEEP! -- Cubs 11, Brewers 4

MILWAUKEE -- There comes a time in virtually every season put together by a championship team to which you can look back and say, "That was the play -- or the game -- or the series -- where it all...

Ryan Braun bonds with the Cubs


Ryan Braun made a horrifying discovery during his first all-star clubhouse experience. "It turns out that all the Cubs are kind of nice guys," the Brewers leftfielder told me this afternoon. "That's unfortunate. I thought it would be easy to dislike them." Braun has learned you can want to kick somebody's butt on the field but still shoot the breeze with them in the all-star atmosphere. First-timers, such as Braun and Brewers rightfielder Corey Hart, often are surprised at how cordial even the biggest stars in the league can be. "At first, it's kind of overwhelming," said Hart. "Then, you realize how friendly the guys are. I got to talk to (Cubs outfielder Kosuke) Fukudome and he's a good guy. Kind of quiet, but a good guy.

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