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A Going-Away Present: Cubs 9, Marlins 2

The Cubs beat the Marlins 9-2 this afternoon, winning the series (their sixth straight series win), the season series from the Marlins 4-3, and said goodbye to south Florida for 2008 (Note to Mets...

Mugged: Cubs 11, Astros 7

I shouldn't complain, not after the Cubs win again, 11-7 over the Astros on a muggy afternoon that had hints of yesterday's rainfall even while the sun was shining most of the day. But I'm going...

Reedapalooza: Cubs 8, Pirates 5

Before we celebrate today's exciting 8-5 Cubs comeback win over the Pirates (and yes, I call it "comeback" because they seemed to have it well in hand at 5-2 before a bullpen failure in the 8th...

Gorgeous: Cubs 5, Pirates 1

That title describes both the day's weather -- beautiful, sunny, with the wind blowing in (and that was important, as at least two or three fly balls hit by Pirates today off Ted Lilly would have...

Bob Howry Must Go: Cubs 2, Marlins 3

There, I said it. I'm sorry, but no matter what his veteran status, how many times management can say, "Well, he'll come around", how many dollars are left on his contract -- how many times can...

One At A Time: Cubs 10, Diamondbacks 6

If you have been reading the "Cubs 2008 Walk Watch" box on the right sidebar since I posted it on May 18 after the Cubs had drawn seven walks and scored all four of their runs in a 4-3 victory via...

Almost Famous: Cubs 2, Rays 3

CLEVELAND -- I missed about half of last night's 3-2 Cubs loss to the Rays, still on the road back to Chicago from Toronto and Cooperstown, but arrived at my hotel room in Cleveland (a convenient...

A Marquis Performance: Cubs 6, Blue Jays 2

TORONTO -- Whoever this guy is inhabiting Jason Marquis' body and uniform, don't let him give it back to the real Jason Marquis (the one we've been so frustrated with over the last year and a...

Thursday Photos

David couldn't make it to the game yesterday -- he works during the day. However, he sent his "apprentice" (as she put it to me). Here's her work: 1948-style vendor's uniform (those plastic...

Sixty Years On: Cubs 3, Braves 2

LANSING, Michigan -- Traffic was terrible! That's what I get for staying till the end of today's excruciatingly exciting 3-2 Cubs win over the Braves; I didn't hit Lake Shore Drive till 5:30,...

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