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Rich Harden as Cubs Closer?


Article suggesting The Cubs could possibly think about moving Harden to the pen as they have done in the past with some starters. I don't know if pitching one inning 5 days a week is better than 6 innings every 5 days. Health wise. (Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, I looked and couldn't find a match)

Harden on tonight's start....


Harden on tonight's start....


What Have You Done For Me Lately (OBP thoughts)

Sports, not just baseball, are built around what a player is doing currently, not last season, or the season before.  We can all sit here and look at the stats of a player over the past "x" years...

"I Don't Believe What I Just Saw!" -- Cubs 7, Brewers 6

(with all credit to the late Jack Buck for the headline) Walking down Sheffield back to my car, I ran into a man wearing a BCB shirt -- sorry, I didn't even get your name -- and we shook hands...

And Now, We Wait: Cubs 3, Cardinals 2

The Cubs have now played four straight one-run games. Last night's heartstoppingly exciting 3-2 win over the Cardinals evened their one-run game record at 21-21, gave them their first series win in...

Worth The Harden Effort: Cubs 6, Nationals 1

While Rich Harden was mowing down the Nats seemingly without effort this afternoon, the happiest Cubs player had to be Kosuke Fukudome, who hit a two-run, pinch-hit HR, his first since July 31 in...

The Harden They Come, The Harden They Fall: Cubs 5, Reds 0

In a season filled with superlatives, Rich Harden almost gave the Cubs a memory to savor forever. On the 39th anniversary of Kenny Holtzman's no-hitter vs. the Braves at Wrigley Field, Harden had...

A Harden Luck Pitcher: Cubs 0, Diamondbacks 2

Well, that was a waste of time. No, not Rich Harden's effort in the Cubs' 2-0 loss to the Diamondbacks, continuing Bank Holding Company Ballpark's reputation as a Cub house of pain -- the Cubs...

The Marshall Plan: Cubs 8, Giants 7

Man, where do I even start? Here: if using Carlos Marmol in the 9th inning today was Lou's way of "experimenting" with him, trying him out, letting him throw in a game the Cubs seemed to have...

A Harden Day's Night: Cubs 7, Reds 3

The Cubs beat the Reds 7-3 last night, but I know all any Cubs fan wants to discuss this morning is the Cubs' acquisition of Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin from the A's, which was announced a couple...

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