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Did free agency help or hurt the Pirates?


Over the off-season, the Pittsburgh Pirates decided to replace multiple positions with free agent players. The positions, which hadn’t been adequately filled in some time, were in dire need of replacement due to the sub-par performances of the previous occupant.

Awesome Ronny Cedeno Homerun call


Thanks to El Pirata for this link through the PBC blog. Y esa pelota NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO regresa mas!

Art Thiel on the Heilman trade


I haven't seen this posted anywhere here yet, but thought it was a good read. It's a shame Thiel will soon be out of a job while Steve Kelley will still have a column.

Cubs Clearinghouse: Ronny Cedeno


Here's the second day of Fangraphs.com's Cubs Clearinghouse series, with today continuing with a discussion of Ronny Cedeno and the Cubs predicament there... My favorite part was this: ***** "Here is a comparison, offensively, of some of the players being considered for starting gigs by the teams listed above - all of whom are at least two years older than Cedeno. .269/.328/.352 | $0.8 M | Ronny Cedeno (Chicago NL) .267/.332/.356 | $1.1 M | Marco Scutaro (Toronto) .265/.289/.429 | $1.3 M | Wilson Betemit (Chicago AL) .284/.344/.382 | $4.0 M | Nick Punto (Minnesota) .237/.296/.349 | $5.3 M | Bobby Crosby (Oakland) .265/.343/.349 | $0.9 M | David Eckstein (San Diego)" ***** There's gotta be a team that wants that, right? Anway, it's a good article.

Cubs Clearinghouse: Rich Hill


This is a pretty fair article from Fangraphs' Marc Hulet describing the predicament the Cubs are in with out of options guys Rich Hill and Ronny Cedeno. Today they tackle Hill and tomorrow they're discussing Cedeno. This article on Rich Hill today is just a reminder of how sweet our team would be if the 2007 Hill showed up to Spring Training. QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE: "Unfortunately for the Cubs, both players are also out of minor league options, which means the club has three options: 1) Keep them on the 25-man roster; 2) Trade them for other talent; 3) Expose them to waivers in an attempt to send them down to the minors. If the club chooses the third option, each player would definitely end up in other organizations with zero compensation, which really leaves the club with two options: Play or trade."

You (Almost) Complete Me

Through yesterday's games, only five complete games had been pitched in the National League in 2008 -- the CG may, at some point, become a thing of the past. (In 2007, three teams -- Washington,...


What can I say? What can any of us say after the Cubs completed the most dominant homestand in recent memory -- 7 wins in 8 games, scoring 67 runs (average: more than eight per game) -- and...

Pieces Of April

I've got pieces of April; I keep them in a memory bouquet... -- Three Dog Night Right after Felix Pie hit his improbable three-run homer, putting tonight's 7-1 Cub win over the Mets into a...


Remember yesterday when I told you the Pirates were a bad team? And some of you disagreed with me? The Pirates are a really, really, really bad team. The Cubs smacked Pirates pitching around...

We Interrupt Your Afternoon To Bring You This Bad Baseball Game

At 12:30 this afternoon, I sat down to watch today's game, enjoying watching the sunshine in Pittsburgh and figuring that by 3:00 or so, I'd be able to go run the errands and do the rest of the...

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