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I've Changed My Mind About Revealing The 2003 "List"

Why? Because of statements made by both MLB and the MLBPA here, including: "The number of players on the so-called 'government list' meaningfully exceeds the number of players agreed by the...

Steroids And Sosa: What's Next?

Sammy Sosa apparently did steroids. How should we judge him and the era?

Did A-Rod Use Steroids As Early As High School?


Topic for discussion on a rainy Thursday morning. This ESPN.com article discusses some things mentioned in Selena Roberts' upcoming book on A-Rod, revealed in the New York Daily News yesterday.


Sort of OT-John Seibels A-Rod Conspiracy Theory

I was listening to ESPN radio last night, as I do every night, and John Seibel put out a conspiracy theory on A-Rods injury. He pointed out that A-Rod will miss 6-9 weeks. An average major league...


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