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Red Sox blockbuster trade raises questions about Cubs & Epstein


The writer makes some valid points, but I disagree with some of the negative comments directed at Theo Epstein. Did anybody realistically expect the Cubs to be in the playoffs this year? However, the Red Sox were expected to be in the playoffs this year. Who's the bigger disappointment? I don't think it's a tough question.

Theo Epstein=the new Dallas Green?


I know that this has been a tough year, but I am an optimist and I believe that better things are on the horizon for the Cubs next year and beyond. It is eerie to me how similar this Cubs team is to the 1982 Cubs. One difference is that I think this team has more talent than they did. But if you read this article where Dallas Green talks about the farm system in 1983, it is amazing to me how similar he sounds to Theo Epstein.

The Future Of The Chicago Cubs


I wrote this on my personal blog about the state of the 2012 Cubs.

How Success Bred A Monster: Theo Epstein Considers His Red Sox Legacy


Theo's interview with Alex Speier at WEEI. A fairly honest and self critical look at the successes and failures of his Red Sox tenure. I think it's worth a read, especially as he begins to make more moves to shape the Cubs.

Theo on TV Tonight!


If your cable package of choice offers Bloomberg TV, tune in tonight (or set your DVR) for a special edition of "Sportfolio" featuring Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts. And if you can't access said channel or just don't want to bother, click on the link above for a preview, video clip and some selected quotes from the interview.

Theo Epstein Not Invited, Then Invited, To Fenway's 100th Anniversary Ceremony


Even when they have a non-controversial event, the Red Sox stir up controversy. Written by me for Baseball Nation.

The Compensation Negotiations: A Logjam In Eight Acts


Over The Monster's Matthew Kory wrote a short play about the Red Sox/Cubs compensation, so I thought I would share with you. Even though you won't share your farm system with us. And you never call anymore, either.

How To Solve The Theo Epstein Compensation Impasse


A bit of fun, written for Baseball Nation.

Do-It-Yourself Theo Epstein Compensation Speculation


Another one I have written for Baseball Nation. H/T to BCB reader timh815 for the idea.

The Curious Case Of Compensation For Theo Epstein


Again today, I wrote this for Baseball Nation and rather than write substantially the same piece for BCB, I'm simply linking it here. While the Cubs and Red Sox have not yet agreed on compensation for Theo Epstein, I have no doubt that they will.

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