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Who Are You And What Have You Done With Ryan Theriot? - Cubs 4, Giants 2

Recap of the Cubs' 4-2 win over the Giants on Monday, May 4.

"Win Series": Cubs vs. Reds, Wednesday 4/22, 7:05 CT

Preview of the Cubs/Reds game for Wednesday, April 22.

Almost Famous: Cubs 6, Astros 1

Sitting in my house still in the afterglow of last night's magnificent performance, I watched Ted Lilly pile up no-hit innings and thought, "This really would top everything, if he could go...

Walk On By: Cubs 3, Phillies 2

They did it again. Each day, new heroes, new ways to win; I stare in amazement, as the atmosphere at Wrigley Field gets more and more playoff-like; today, Alfonso Soriano's 7th-inning homer off...

Marquis Mark: Cubs 2, Pirates 0

Stop what you're doing right now and look around you, remember where you are, what you are doing, because this is an historic day in Cubs history. You'd have to be over 70 years old (and there...

Hello Soto: Cubs 14, Pirates 9

Well, that was about the most whacked-out game I've seen in quite some time. Consider: Carlos Zambrano started the game by throwing a wild pitch on strike three, walked four, allowed eight...

The Beat Goes On: Cubs 12, Pirates 3

Neither a Sonny & Cher nor a Britney Spears song, the Cubs nevertheless kept pounding rhythm through our brains with a 12-3 win over the Pirates last night before a crowd of 14,454 in Pittsburgh...

Nothing This Team Does Surprises Me Any More, Part Deux: Cubs 6, Marlins 5

I happened to be in the car at the end of last night's game, and honestly, I'm lucky I didn't drive right off the road when Daryle Ward smashed his game-winning, pinch-hit, three-run homer off...

Witness To History: Cubs 11, Braves 7

With every win -- including last night's 11-7 win over the Braves -- this year's Cubs make their mark on the record books and on team history. Among things accomplished last night were the...

Almost Flawless: Cubs 10, Braves 2 and Cubs 8, Braves 0

You may have seen this number already, but it bears repeating: 26. Twenty-six games over .500, the most a Cub team has been since the last day of the 1984 season, when they finished an NL East...

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