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Wrigley curses Fenway spotlight


After reading a story on Fenway's 100th Anniversary this week that didn't even mention it's cousin, Wrigley, I went looking for an article that was a bit more even-handed. Found this and thought I'd share.

Wrigley rooftop businesses fail health inspections


Those all you can eat deals don't sound quite as enticing now... "The city found at least 12 violations at Beyond the Ivy, 1048 W. Waveland Ave., including food being stored at improper temperatures. At Brixen Ivy, 1044 W. Waveland, where at least eight violations were reported, officials observed workers wearing the same gloves to handle food, touch garbage cans and wipe their faces. On Monday the city also inspected Wrigleyville Rooftops, 1032 W. Waveland, which passed with conditions, and another Beyond the Ivy location at 1038 W. Waveland, which failed."

Concession changes at Wrigley


Snapshot of changes: Vienna beef is in, ballpark is out D'Agostino's Pizza is in, Connie's Pizza is out Additional healthy options (Yea!!!)

NU/Illinois Game At Wrigley Gets Sponsorship Deal


Everything gets naming rights deals these days. Details of today's photo op at SB Nation Chicago.

Cubs Proposed LF Billboard Questioned By City Council


Fran Spielman writes in the Sun-Times: The 75 foot high, 360 square foot billboard has raised the eyebrows of local Ald. Tom Tunney (44th). And it may not pass muster with the Commission on Historical Landmarks, which must decide whether new signage conforms with Wrigley's landmark designation.

NU-Illinois Football At Wrigley Almost Set To Go


This game would be played on November 20; NU athetic director Jim Phillips is meeting with Crane Kenney today to try to get an agreement. Game would be a NU home game. Link includes a link to a graphic showing how the field would be laid out (RF to 3B dugout, similar to how the Chicago Sting soccer field was laid out in the 1970's).

Ever wonder what Ballhawks do in the winter?


76 days till the home opener but the Ballhawks are ready! I've been fortunate to be involved in a documentary about the Wrigley Field ballhawks, titled appropriately enough, Ballhawks. Filming took place a few years ago, before the bleacher expansion. Editing, promoting and getting MLB approval has taken up most of the time since then. The film's in the can now and it's being shopped around but no guarantee it will ever see the silver screen. Still, it's made it as far as getting an entry in IMDB and has been submitted to several film festivals, among them SXSW, Sundance and Tribeca. And with Bill Murray doing the narration, it's got some star power, so who knows... Anyway, the title link above (and here) should take you to a somewhat humorous trailer for the movie. Thankfully, we got it done in one take...

New Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts: "We Are Here To Win"


...and "cursed" players can hit the road. Hear that, Milt????!

Top 10 Things To Do At Wrigley While Not Watching the Game


I hate to be a pessimist, but let’s be honest: it’s all over but the crying....So what’s a season ticket holder to do? Only the most masochistic of Cubs fans (yes, I suppose that is redundant) could enjoy 38 more games of this mind-numbing mediocrity and visibly apparent apathy. If you’re lucky, you can sell about half of your remaining tickets to tourists looking to experience Wrigley Field for the first time, good baseball or not. That still leaves you with about 20 games. So if you can’t imagine actually watching roughly 60 more hours of 2009 Cubs baseball, here are a few other ways to pass the time at The Friendly Confines...

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