The Next 100 Years

The Future Of Jim Hendry And The Cubs


About to start the second half of one of the worst Cubs seasons ever, let's have a look at the GM's job.

Will Greg Maddux Influence The Cubs On Free Agents?


A few pitchers who could be available have something in common: being influenced by Greg Maddux.

Chicago Cubs 2011 Salary/Payroll Analysis


Crunching the Cubs' numbers for 2011 and trying to come up with a winning formula.

Should The Cubs Sign Adam... LaRoche?


The Cubs need a first baseman. Adam LaRoche is a free agent. They could be a match.

Taking Attendance: A Cubs Cautionary Tale


The Cubs have a dilemma: a bad team and too-high ticket prices. How can they lure people back to the ballpark?

Who Should Replace Lou Piniella As Cubs Manager?


An objective look at the pluses and minuses of some of the men who might be considered to replace Lou Piniella as Cubs manager.

Cubs Linked To Three Veteran Pitchers: Chan Ho Park, Joe Nelson, Noah Lowry


Jim Hendry says he's looking for a veteran pitcher. Here's a look at three possibilities.

The Cubs Have A Bench Spot Open. Who Should They Sign?


Examining some choices for the Cubs' final bench spot.

A First Look At The Cubs' 2010 25-Man Roster


How I see the Cubs' roster from a January 7 viewpoint.

Let's Dream, Shall We? How Albert Pujols Could Become A Cub


A pipedream -- or is it?


A Tale Of Two (Or More) Pitchers


Why numbers aren't the only answer.

For The 2010 Cubs, The Best Relief Might Be Found From Within


Why the Cubs should not sign a free-agent relief pitcher.

Brendan Donnelley: Bullpen Help?


Another examination of who could help the Cubs in 2010.

Discussion: Marlon Byrd vs. Mike Cameron


Another in a series about possible Cub acquisitions for 2010.

Why The Cubs Should Sign Chad Tracy


Tracy's a free agent. He can hit. He'll be relatively cheap. Sign him.

Why (And How) The Cubs Should Trade For Curtis Granderson


The Cubs dealing for Granderson? Should be a no-brainer for both teams.

A Modest Proposal: Bradley For Burrell For Millwood


A BCB proposal to trade Milton Bradley and acquire some useful help in return.

Building A Cubs Champion: 2010 Edition


Some thoughts on how the 2010 Cubs should look.

Ten Lessons Jim Hendry Needs To Learn From The 2009 Season


A to-do -- or more correctly, a to-DON'T -- list for Jim Hendry this offseason.

Cubs Name Hoffpauir 1B; Trade Lee To Giants For Cain


Check your calendar before you read this post.

The Speculation On The Tom Ricketts Era Begins


A summary of today's speculation on changes that might be made to the Cubs after the sale is complete.

Coffee Is For Closers


Who will close games for the Cubs this year?

About A Certain San Diego Padres Pitcher


Will the Cubs trade for San Diego's Jake Peavy?

"And Then There Were Three": Finalists For Cubs Ownership


There are now three finalists to become the new Cubs owner. Here's a little bit about each of them.

Gameboard, Set, Match: Milton Bradley Signs With Cubs


No, I won't make any board game puns: Milton Bradley has signed with the Cubs.

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