Chicago Cubs Ticket Exchanges

Ticket Exchanges: Cubs Convention 2010

This post is for people looking for, or having extra passes to, the Cubs Convention being held from January 15-17, 2010. Face value only, as usual (plus fees, which I believe comes to about $64...

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Cubs

In 1984, the Chicago Cubs captured the hearts and minds of Chicago sports fans. Even though they fell short of winning the World Series, the team left an indelible mark on a generation of Cubs fans who remember hearing Van Halen's "Jump" open WGN telecasts.

Ticket Exchanges: General 2009 Ticket Exchange

This post is for 2009 ticket exchanges -- during the season, I'll make posts for specific homestands, but you can use this one if you are looking for tickets several months out. This post is being...

Ticket Exchanges: September 29-October 4 Homestand

Dates & times: Pirates: September 29 (7:05), September 30 (1:05 - this is the makeup of the August 16 rainout), September 30 (7:05 - this is the regularly scheduled game for that date), October 1...

Ticket Exchanges: September 11-17 Homestand

Dates & times: Reds: September 11 (1:20), September 12 (12:05), September 13 (1:20) Brewers: September 14 (7:05), September 15 (7:05), September 16 (7:05), September 17 (1:20) As always,...

Ticket Exchanges: August 25-September 3 Homestand

Dates & times: Nationals: August 25 (7:05), August 26 (7:05), August 27 (1:20) Mets: August 28 (1:20), August 29 (3:10), August 30 (1:20) Astros: August 31 (7:05), September 1 (7:05), September...

Ticket Exchanges: August 11-16 Homestand

Dates & times: Phillies: August 11 (7:05), August 12 (7:05), August 13 (1:20) Pirates: August 14 (1:20), August 15 (12:05), August 16 (1:20) As always, face value only for tickets. If comments...

Ticket Exchanges: July 24-30 Homestand

Dates & times: Reds: July 24 (1:20), July 25 (12:05), July 26 (1:20) Astros: July 27 (7:05), July 28 (7:05), July 29 (1:20), makeup game on July 30 (1:20) As always, face value only for tickets. ...

Ticket Exchanges: July 2-12 Homestand

This one is another high-demand homestand of the year; the opponents are the Brewers, Braves and Cardinals. Dates & times: Brewers: July 2 (7:05), July 3 (1:20), July 4 (12:05), July 5 (1:20) ...

Ticket Exchanges: June 12-21 Homestand

This one is likely to be the most in-demand homestand of the year; it's the only one in June, against the White Sox, Indians and Twins. Dates & times: Twins: June 12 (1:20), June 13 (12:05),...


Ticket Exchanges: May 25-31 Homestand

This post is for ticket requests/sales for the series vs. Pittsburgh, May 25-27, and Los Angeles, May 28-31. Game times: Pittsburgh: May 25 (7:05), May 26 (7:05), May 27 (1:20). Los...

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