Wrigley Field Renovations

The Rooftops, The Cubs, And The Contract

CSN's David Kaplan had a look at the actual contract between the rooftops and the Cubs. Here are some relevant portions, and some thoughts.

Cubs File For Permit For Right-Field Sign

I'll bet you can hear the rooftops shouting.

The Rooftops And The Cubs: A History

You might have forgotten some of this, but it's more relevant than ever right now.

Cubs, Rooftop Owners Likely Headed To Court

The two sides have been talking, but those negotiations broke down this week.

Rahm Emanuel Tells Cubs: Start Construction

Eventually, the Wrigley Field restoration project will commence. In the meantime, we have more words to read about it.

Wrigley Renovations: Street Narrowing Approved

In which we inch closer to actual final passage by the Chicago City Council of all the club's plans.

Council Committee Approves More Wrigley Changes

Eventually, this project will get done. Wrigleyville will change; some say for the worse, but the reality is, life will go on pretty much as it is now.

Wrigley Night Game Deal OK; No Beer On Plaza, Yet

A Chicago City Council committee approved the tweaks to the Cubs' new night game plan, but put the team's proposal to sell alcohol on the planned outdoor plaza on hold.

Tunney Proposal Says Cubs Could Sell Beer On Plaza

The 44th Ward alderman, who's been seen as a critic of Cubs proposals, has proposed an ordinance that would allow the Cubs to make money on liquor sales at the Cubs' new outdoor plaza.

Chicago Plan Commission Approves Wrigley 'Tweaks'

This is like déjà vu all over again (in the immortal words of Yogi Berra). "And you may ask yourself: Well... how did I get here?"


Landmarks Commission OK's 'Tweaked' Wrigley Plan

There's more news about the Wrigley renovation plan, but no actual construction... yet.

Rooftop Owners Threaten Suit Over Wrigley Sign

Here we go again.


Cubs Raise Mock Right-Field Sign At Wrigley Field

The Cubs have talked about posting a fixed, see-through advertising sign behind the right-field bleachers at Wrigley. Wednesday, they lifted a mock sign into position so rooftop owners could see exactly how it would look.

Cubs Sued Over Wrigleyville Hotel Proposal

As if the Cubs' renovation plans didn't have enough problems.

Cubs Get Wrigley Renovation Tweaks From Rahm

Chicago's mayor introduced some minor changes in the Wrigley Field renovation agreement to the City Council Wednesday.

Wrigley Construction Start? Rahm: Maybe. Cubs: No.

And some information about the expansion of Wrigley Field's outer walls.

Wrigley Renovations: Wait Till Next Year

After nearly a year of putting out renovation plans to restore and upgrade Wrigley Field, the Cubs won't be doing anything major to the ballpark this offseason.

RF Sign At Wrigley Could Go Up At Season's End

The Cubs are going to start making changes to several things at Wrigley Field once the 2013 season is over.

Wrigley Renovations: Cubs Threaten Rooftops

You won't be surprised by anything either the Cubs or the rooftops said in the latest skirmish between them.

Wrigley Renovations: Rahm Says 'Maybe' To Deck

There's news on trading-deadline day other than trades and rumors of trades.

Wrigley Renovations: A Plaza Over Sheffield?

Wait till you hear this proposal for the Wrigley renovation deal that you thought was completed last week.

City Council Approves Wrigley Renovation Deal

The Cubs will be staying in Chicago, in a renovated Wrigley Field, with work to be done over the next several years, after months of contentious negotiations resulted in an agreement Wednesday afternoon.

Wrigley Renovations: Pedestrian Bridge A No-Go

Everyone's making nice now about Wrigley rehab -- the Cubs, the city and even Ald. Tom Tunney. Will wonders never cease?

Cubs Release Wrigley-Area Traffic/Parking Study

Do you drive to games at Wrigley Field? Then you'll find this traffic study the Cubs did very interesting.

Wrigley Renovations: Tunney Moving Goalposts Again

I'm not making this up. Seriously. Read on.

Wrigley Renovations: Tunney Says 'Yes', Deal Done

At last, the Wrigley Field renovation project is on track to get started, after the City Council approves -- that's expected, after Ald. Tunney has removed his objections. ('Bout time, Tom.)

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