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Joe Maddon is the right manager for the Cubs now, and going forward. Here’s why.

Analytics are useful, but in the end, baseball is a people business, and Joe’s really, really good at that.

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2018 World Series preview: Dodgers vs. Red Sox

The Fall Classic begins tonight.

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Cub Tracks’ puff piece

Heyman cites industry speculation, there’s a lot of value in extra time off, the headless chicken monster, and other bullets

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Pat Flanagan, early Cubs broadcaster, is a 2019 Frick Award finalist

Flanagan was one of the first Cubs radio announcers.

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The 5 best moments of the League Championship Series

Grand slams and defense and Papi - Oh my!

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Cubs record, standings, upcoming schedule

Here you will always be able to find the most up-to-date information on who the Cubs are playing, when and where, and what TV channel you can find the game on.

The Latest

Celebrate David Bote’s ultimate grand slam with this T-shirt!

It’s a moment we should all remember forever.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

The Cubs were one 2014 loss to the Red Sox from drafting Andrew Benintendi in 2015

The Red Sox star could have been playing on the North Side.

At last, here’s definitive proof that the Cubs did not lose a home date in the 1984 NLCS

This is a story often told by Rick Sutcliffe. It isn’t true. Here’s what really happened.

MLB Bullets or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Dodgers

The World Series is set and the Dodgers and Red Sox have a rematch of their 1916 battle. The Dodgers’ talent just overwhelmed the Brewers’ guile. Puig your friend. Two new managers are hired.

Baseball history unpacked, October 22

Cubs beat A’s, Cubs beat Dodgers, and no other stories

Wrigley Field construction update: October 20

More demolition happened on Saturday.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: Old school Ole Miss

There’s a familiar name associated with this college baseball program.

Cub Tracks gets tough

Baez’ pure toughness, Mets sweep, near-perfect roundness, musical bonuses, and other bullets

2018 NLCS: Dodgers vs. Brewers Game 7, Saturday 10/20, 7 p.m. CT

One game for the right to go to the World Series.

Chicago Cubs History: The smiling career of Stan Hack

"Smiling Stan" was one of the greatest third basemen in Cubs history.

Cubs Prospect Profile: Jimmy Herron

A look at the Cubs’ 2018 third-round draft pick.

Cub Tracks’ side eye

More change coming, bird-brained trade proposals, the world’s oldest prosthetic eye, and other bullets

2018 National League Championship Series: Dodgers vs. Brewers Game 6, Friday 10/19, 7:30 CT

The Dodgers can win the N.L. pennant tonight.

2019 MLB Draft Prep: SIU/Edwardsville and velocity vs. command

A discussion about an area team, and the pitching spectrum

5 famous postseason plays that could have been changed by replay review

... and in some cases, the results of the games or series might have also changed.

A quick look at World Series droughts

And the Cubs are still (for now) second on the list!

MLB Bullets is celebrating

Baseball, that is, because we’ve had two really entertaining LCS. Also, a lot of intrigue that even includes espionage.

Baseball history unpacked, October 19

Quade-rophenia, Cubs win, Cubs lose, and other stories

2018 American League Championship Series: Red Sox vs. Astros Game 5, Thursday 10/18, 7 p.m. CT

The Red Sox can win the A.L. pennant tonight.

Bad Baseball Takes: Is Clayton Kershaw not an ace?

What makes a pitcher truly great?

Wrigley Field construction update: October 18

Lots of noisy demolition going on, on Thursday morning.

A very early look at 2018-19 MLB free agents

... in other words, all the guys the Cubs aren’t going to sign.

Joe West might have stolen ALCS Game 4 from the Astros

This was a bad call by West, and that should not surprise you.

Cub Tracks keeps the pot boiling

Chili goes bad, the drama is only beginning, and other bullets

2018 NLCS: Brewers vs. Dodgers Game 5, and ALCS: Red Sox vs. Astros Game 4

These series are both getting more interesting.

A statistical look at Anthony Iapoce’s time with the Rangers

... and what it can tell us about the Cubs’ new hitting coach.

The Cubs should stay far, far away from Manny Machado

The Dodgers shortstop has not distinguished himself in the NLCS.

MLB Bullets and the bonfire of the vanities

The Marlins destroy the last thing that made them interesting. Updates on the playoffs.

Baseball history unpacked, October 17

NL votes to expand and other stories

MLB Analysis & Sabermetrics

MLB Trade Rumors

MLB prospects & minor leagues