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2019 MLB Draft Prep: Introduction to Cubs draft coverage

A "rough draft" of how I’ll cover this year’s draft.

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Nico Hoerner ranked as 86th-best prospect by Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus, at least, thinks Nico Hoerner is one of the best prospects in the game.

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Oops! Cubs shut out of Baseball America Top 100 Prospects after all

The Cubs had one player on the BA Top 100. Then they didn’t.

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MLB ought to issue warnings before the Cubs and Cardinals play this year

... because of Yadier Molina’s comments responding to Kris Bryant’s silly joke.

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MLB Bullets gets the call

There are four new inductees into Cooperstown and all you want to know about them is here. Sonny Gray joins the Reds.

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Cubs record, standings, upcoming schedule

Here you will always be able to find the most up-to-date information on who the Cubs are playing, when and where, and what TV channel you can find the game on.

The Latest

Baseball history unpacked, January 23

Wilson in the Hall, and other stories

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Mariano Rivera becomes the first unanimous Hall of Fame inductee

The "unwritten rule" was finally broken by the best reliever of all time.

The Unconventional Cubs Convention wrap

BCB’s Danny Rockett does Cubs Convention... kind of...

Cubs historical sleuthing: 1940 edition

A few closeups of the ballclub from that year.

The FlatGround revolution and what it means to baseball

A few thoughts about new technology that could help pitchers.

Cub Tracks rolls on

Dimensions of pain, and other bullets

Cubs place one prospect on Baseball America’s Top 100 prospects list

The Cubs have one of the top prospects in the game, but we don’t know who it is yet.

50 years on, the 1969 Chicago Cubs are still beloved

Half a century has passed since this team thrilled us, then ended in disappointment

Some further thoughts on the new proposed Cubs TV network

2020 will see major changes in the way you watch Cubs games.

MLB Bullets is a mystery

Still no movement on the free agent front and storm clouds are swirling around the sport. Sonny Gray may be heading to Cincinnati. A look at the upcoming Hall of Fame announcement.

Baseball history unpacked, January 21

Landis, Dickens, and other stories

A Wrigley Field-area landmark has a different look these days

This is the oldest building in the neighborhood.

The Cubs and other MLB teams are definitely interested in Luke Hagerty

This could be the comeback story of the decade.

Wrigley Field construction update: January 19

Some views of the project during Saturday’s snowfall.

Cub Tracks eats it

Yadi yadda yadda, hyperboling for dollars, and Yu, and other bullets

Cubs Convention 2019: Business Operations update with Crane Kenney and Carl Rice

Some of the Cubs front office staff sat down with a small group of bloggers to answer our questions

Quotes and more from the 2019 Cubs Convention

Here’s what Cubs management and some players had to say as the convention got under way Friday.

Cub Tracks takes the cake

The honeymoon is over, and other bullets

The 2019 Cubs Convention opening ceremony was... conventional

There were no surprises at this year’s convention opener.

Luke Hagerty out-threw everyone at Driveline Pro Day. The Cubs should sign him.

A minor-league deal has zero risk.

BCB Top 20 Cubs prospects countdown: The top 5

The Cubs top five prospects have a lot of potential and point to an improving farm system.

Wrigley Field construction update: January 17, special nighttime edition

Here’s the ballpark all lit up for the construction project at night.

MLB Bullets has all the relievers

The Yankees sign another reliever, but would they be better of with Harper or Machado? More on Kyler Murray’s decision. Alex Rodriguez looks a lot like J.Lo’s boyfriend.

Baseball history unpacked, January 18

Long before the reserve clause, and other stories

Cubs Historical Heroes and Goats: 2003, part 12

The final four games of a three-city, 10-game roadtrip.

Tom Ricketts talks about the payroll, free agency, the Cubs TV network and more

The Cubs chairman made some radio talk show appearances Thursday morning.

BCB Top 20 Cubs prospects countdown: 6 to 10

Day 4 has three pitchers, one infielder in the upper minors and a promising 2018 draft pick.

The kerfuffle over rumored offers to Manny Machado is a bad sign for MLB labor relations

Every time we hear things like this, it makes owner/player relations worse.

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MLB prospects & minor leagues

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