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2003 Cubs Convention Report, Day 1

The Cubs Convention, Day 1

It was a fairly typical opening.

Despite the fact that Sammy Sosa was billed as being there, Pat Hughes announced that he wouldn't arrive till tomorrow. Scattered boos.

Loudest cheers at the opening ceremony were for Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and of course, Dusty Baker. Baker put his kid on the podium and let him lead everyone in "Take Me out to the Ball Game". Cute, I suppose.

Also cheers for Damian Miller and Mike Remlinger, signs that the crowd's a bit more sophisticated than most.

There was, believe it or not, a "highlight" video from last year, mostly Sosa, Wood, Clement and Prior. Unbelievably, they left in one play of Hundley making a sliding catch in foul territory, which brought VERY loud boos.

Usually, the Cubs sell "grab bags" with a lot of stuff left over from past giveaways for $10, with the idea that some of them have ticket coupons in them. No grab bags this year, just miscellaneous stuff left over for individual sale. This brought a huge crowd at opening. The only moderately interesting things there were a few leftover Celebriducks.

More tomorrow.